About Us

The idea for Single Mom Financial Help began in 2007 (over 10 years ago!) because a woman, a single mother herself at one point in her life, wanted to create a place that would provide the resources to help single mothers improve their lives and families. Our passion at Single Mom Help is to provide resources to single moms so they can learn how to make their situations better.

Single Mom Financial Help was then born. Since our inception, we have been been trying to meet our goal of providing high quality content and changing the lives of our readers.

In addition to just all sorts of financial advice (government assistance, loans, mortgages, you name it), Here is what we specialize in:

  • Education Help

    focuses on helping single mothers get through the unique experience of getting a higher education. Here, there is information on applying and searching for financial aid, scheduling and managing your time between school and home, and choosing which degree option will work best for your situation.

  • Parenting Help

    is to provide useful and up to date information about all things parenting. On this site, mothers can learn about child development, teaching techniques for their children, activities they can do with their kids, and how to eat healthy.

  • Career Help

    gives single mothers the tools they need to search for jobs, balance parenting and career responsibilities, and decide whether a career change is right for them.

At Single Mom Financial Help, we strive to give single mothers the resources that will help them to make a better life for themselves and their children. We hope that the information we provide will help the single mothers out there become strong, independent single parents in every part of their lives. If you have anything to add or want to let us know how we are doing, contact us at smfhmedia@gmail.com.

Our Mission Statement

Singlemomfinancialhelp.com focuses on giving single mothers the resources they need to be successful financially.

Through Facebook and Twitter, we can connect with our readers and they can have a place where women feel comfortable communicating with one another and sharing their experiences and perspectives.

Our site provides information to help you as you plan for your education, with regard to things like selecting a university or degree program, what resources are available to non-traditional students, especially single moms, and one of the most important subjects: financial aid and how to apply for it.

Having a better understanding of these things, you’ll find out about more options open to you for your education and more tools and skills that you can apply to your experience as you go through it. We hope to provide you with all the resources and knowledge you need so that you can become a confident and successful student. We believe women can achieve this as they work through the biggest test of all: parenting.