Affordable Housing Programs for Single Moms

Housing gets more expensive every year and the resources that you may need to fund your housing are often well hidden by those who have the information. There are actually several programs to help you obtain affordable housing. When those housing programs are combined with other programs that are available for things like college, you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Government housing includes apartments and homes that are owned by the government. You have to apply to qualify for ones of these homes, but the rental is based on a sliding scale that reflects what your income can handle. In some cases these homes are not only completely paid for when you meet the standards, but you also receive assistance to pay for the utilities to run the home. If no one will give you specific information, contact HUD for housing development information in your area.

Section 8

Section 8 housing assistance is available as well. Section 8 housing differs from government housing in that you can select where you want to live. As long as the landlord meets the qualifications after you do, and he or she agrees to take section 8 payments in lieu of cash payments from you, you can live in the home of your choice and get assistance paying for it.


When the time comes that you feel you can buy a home instead of renting one, you might consider one of the many HUD programs that assist low income people with home purchases. Programs like the Individual Development Account can go a long way toward helping you with the purchase of a new home. If you chose to use assistance to go to school to become a teacher, you can even purchase a HUD home for 50% of the asking price as long as the home is in a select area of the school district in which you teach.

If you happen to end up in bad enough condition that you end up staying in a shelter of some sort, just know that there is often a waiting list to get into some of the government funded homes, but being a resident of a shelter means that you are technically homeless and your name goes to the top of the list when it comes to government funded housing. While that does not do anything to make you happy about your situation, it might be the very thing you need to know in order to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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