Assistance for Hard Working Single Moms

The stigma of the single mom who just parties all the time is long dead. Most single moms are just trying to survive in an economy that is not working for families with two parents who work full time. It’s hard enough to be a parent who has to play two roles, much less try to do more than just survive, yet you can do it if you are willing to get through some of the red tape and take a bit of assistance that can be used to help you get a leg up.


TANF: TANF is cash assistance that takes the place of child support when it is not being paid or when it is not being paid on a regular basis. One of the biggest benefits of TANF is that in most states the absent father will be take to court for child support when the mother is on TANF and since the state does not want to make cash payments, they take child support from the father very seriously.


SNAP: SNAP is funds to purchase food and foodstuffs. You can best get ahead using SNAP if you couple it with great deals and coupons while using your leftovers wisely. Get creative with your benefits and use them to purchase plants, shrubs, and even food producing trees in order to eventually avoid the grocery store altogether.


Housing Assistance: HUD offers housing assistance in the form of government housing as well as section 8 vouchers that can help you pay the rent. You can even receive a 3:1 match from the Individual Development Account when you start saving to purchase a new home.


Educational Assistance: The FAFSA is the key to financial aid when you decide to go back to school. Once your FAFSA is evaluated you can receive assistance in the form of PELL grants, state grants, and even scholarships based on a variety of criteria. In some cases the schools themselves offer scholarships that may be based on financial need alone and some of those scholarships are available to single mothers specifically.


Childcare vouchers: If you receive TANF you may qualify to receive child care assistance while you are working or looking for a job. Ask your social worker to give you an application for this program as soon as possible because sometimes there is a waiting list to receive these benefits. The payments are made directly to your child care provider, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with them.


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