Back to School Shopping doesn’t have to a wallet drainer

As the august approaches near, the kids and teens experience an adrenaline rush due to excitement and jitters of back to school shopping in new school year, but on other side the parents face tearful moments as it would burn a hole in their pockets buying the school supplies. The stores witness overcrowdings just like some festive season, in the absence of sales or discounts season it becomes very bothersome for the parents to fulfill their children’s’ wishes. Stationary, school uniforms, bags, footwear, making lists to buy stuff is cute with a unique joy which should not be missed in any way.

So best is to plan, go budget savvy and save beforehand, and let the kids enjoy their shopping to start the new session afresh. Following are enlisted few of the ways to go about it:

  • Buy only what is needed-children might demand things they fancy due to peer pressure stuff but you need to understand what is really needed and what not, so you can call the school to know about it.

  • Learn to say no-once you know what your child is demanding is really not required at that time and can be delayed or in case of teens may divert them from studies, the tough job that would take a toll on you is saying ‘no’ to them, as you too won’t want to dishearten them but you should learn to do that, as going off the budget would really shake whole of the year.

  • Explain the children about the limits-explain them the state of family and effects of spending a lot in future, preparing them beforehand would not let the inappropriate demands come in from the very beginning.

  • Make a budget and stick to it-budget provides a direction to the shopping to avoid troubles later.

  • Track your expenses-this is another way of avoiding over expenditure so as to avoid cost cutting from the essential things.

  • Begin shopping from home, reuse and recycle-tell your kids to raid those closets, sweep them for cleanliness and you would surely find things already at home which might be of use, stationary forms the major part of this. Old notebooks usually have blank sheets which can be re used or recycled to a spiral cool notebook.

  • Community programs that distribute free back to school supplies-they are carried out by the school to help the low-income families, inquire about them before shopping.

  • Check out the stores that offer sales-there are stores that offer special discounts or tax free products, shop around there or visit supermarkets for basic items, check for coupons online.

  • Compare prices-before buying things go online and compare prices to have the best deal.

  • Shop in tits and bits whole year-Don’t wait for august, address the needs of children in the whole year, buying quality things is a one-time investment, so that you are not burdened in one time, but do not buy too early.

  • Buy second hand stuff-go for the garage sales and thrift shops for the things that do not need to be used so frequently or can be used even if they are second hand like books in good condition are easily available

  • School uniform exchange-many stores have that service so you can exchange them for yours if they are in good condition and size is the only issue.

  • Increase the income beforehand– do overtime and plan your expenses or make the teen children do the summer jobs and lead them to self dependence.

I hope you save and enjoy the back to school shopping with smiles on your kids’ face.

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