Child Care Assistance for Single Moms

A working mom has to provide child care for her kids while she is at work. Child Care Assistance for Single Moms can help.  This is expensive no matter how you look at it and sometimes can be the reason a woman decides not to go back to work – because she can’t afford child care. There are some ways to beat the cost of child care if you are flexible ad willing to make some concessions.

Employer Paid Benefits

Some employers actually contribute to the cost of day care or allow employees to set aside pretax dollars to pay for child care. These benefits can offset a substantial amount of your child care expense. Ask if your employer offers such a program or look for employers in your area that do and consider changing jobs.

Swapping Services

One way to get affordable childcare is to swap services with someone. For example, provide room and board to someone going to school at night who will watch your kids during the day. You are out a little food and have child care in return. You could also try arranging your work hours so that you can share child care responsibilities with someone who works the hours you are off, each of you watching the kids while the other works.

Approach a day care center to see if they would knock some off of your rate in exchange for services you provide. You might work there or do some bookkeeping, cleaning or other task they need help with. Another option is get a group of moms or families together and hire a babysitter who will watch all the kids. With three or more families splitting the fee, the price is much more affordable. You could always get the training and certification to open an in home day care and watch your own kids at the same as you watching others.

Early Head Start/Head Start Program

Early Head Start is for children aged 0 to 3 years and Head Start is for those aged 3 to 5. Many are conducted inside the local schools and some are held in state run buildings or even on the campuses of colleges. Eligibility is based on income and enrollment is open to low income families

State Child Care Assistance Programs

States receiving funding set up their own eligibility requirements so you will have to check with your own. The amount you are eligible for also varies.



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