For the single mom who bears the full responsibility for caring for her family and supporting her household, the idea of going back to school may seem like an impossibility. After all, college costs money, and a lot of it.

College work study can help pay your tuition while giving you the skills you need to move into a new job. Those who are in college work study can often qualify for college daycare as well, meaning you might have the best of all worlds. The work study might not pay for everything, but it will definitely make a sizable dent in the cost.

State and School Support

Some school support for single mothers come directly from the school or your state. If you know what college or university you want to attend, call their financial aid department. Explain that you are a single mom in a difficult financial situation, and they will be able to point you in the direction of any grants for single mothers in college that the school has available. Some, like Purdue University’s Scholarship help, are not specific to single moms but are targeted toward adult learners. Others, like Alabama’s Central Community Foundation, are based on geographic location and financial need.


Grants Just For Single Moms

Single moms will find a few grants specific to their situations. For instance, the Soroptimist International of the Americas offers the Women’s Opportunity Awards. This grant is offered to financially disadvantaged women who carry the full responsibility of caring for their households. The Kalamazoo Women’s Education Coalition Grant (// is designed to cover lifestyle expenses for women who cannot attend college because of their financial situation, and who were severed from their education after high school due to their life situations. Some grants for single mothers are designed for all women, making single mothers ideal candidates. Zonta International provides large grants for a wide range of reasons to women in all walks of life.

Degrees as a Single Mom

The fact that you are a single mother trying to further your education will look very good to those who award scholarships. Many organizations, clubs, schools, and companies offer scholarships, and they are always looking for someone who not only needs the money, but can show exactly what they will do with their degree. Your degree will help out your children, and that will catch the eye of those who award the scholarships. Apply for any you can find and meet the qualifications for — you never know what you might get!

These are the three most popular ways to find “free college” for single mothers. There are other options that can help you. Start with your DHS office, talk to the financial aid office, and scour government sites on the internet for further information.

There are many government grants available, such as the Pell Grant, and are available to everyone. There are also special grants available through the government that focus on single mothers, those who want to start their own business, and mothers in other situations that require a bit of help to get started in a college education. Start with the Financial Aid Office and go from there.

Pell Grant

Not all grants have to come from schools or aid societies. Most single moms will qualify for the basic government grants because of their economic situations. Pell Grants for single mothers, for instance, is not specific to single moms, but rather based on economic need. The Pell Grant, which you apply for through the FAFSA, offers between $400 and $5,350 to those who qualify and is also the stepping stone for other federal grants.

Pell Grants do not have to be repaid, unlike traditional loans. The only criteria it has is that the recipient must not have earned their bachelor’s degree and must be going back to school to get some sort of a professional degree.

To get the pell grants for single mothers, you must also have a clean record, because this is a very prestigious kind of government benefit.  Usually, the prices of how much is awarded each year to the recipients of the Pell Grants do change, but often it is around $5,000 to pay for a large fraction of schooling.

Here are the Basic Criterias:

  • Financial need – How much you really are in need of the Pell grant. This is based on your earnings and savings.
  • Full-time/Part-time school – If you are going to school full time, you may receive a bit more help in different areas. Part time school will probably be a little less.
  • How long you are planning to attend school – If you are planning to attend school for more than a year, you will probably earn more.
  • How much your school costs in terms of attendance – This is another criterion taken into regard. They will check how much your tuition costs and will accommodate your needs accordingly when figuring out the Pell grant.

The Pell grant for single mothers is usually applied through FAFSA. Once you fill out your FAFSA application, you will get notified about your Pell grant and more information regarding it.  These are great benefits for single mothers due to the fact how easy it is to fill out.

Before applying, make sure that you are eligible for the Pell Grant and that you meet the criteria. After that, applying is simple through the FAFSA form and you can see if this great government pell grant for single mother comes through and how you can use it towards advancing your education!


As you can see, financial aid is available, and it is not always as difficult to get as you might think. Do your research and avoid scams that require you to pay for grant help, but do not feel that a college education is out of your grasp. Economic help is just an application away! Our website offers more assistance for single mothers in college.

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