The word mortgage is no doubt a scary one. Shopping for mortgages, however, is probabaly the wisest thing that you could be doing to secure a better financial future for yourself. Yes, I agree, it takes lots of time and energy. But in this case, it is really a no pain no gain situation. In the long run, it can save you thousands of dollars. In this article, we will share some of the best mortgage shopping tips that you may not have heard before. As a general rule of thumb, it is important to make it your goal to compare loan offers from at least 3 different lenders as a way of how to compare mortgages.

Pre-approvals are important

How to Compare Mortgages

Learn How to Compare Mortgages to make sure you are prepare very wisely.

Try to get at least three pre-approvals if you can. Luckily, the internet and newspapers are easy places that you can look. They have a wide variety of information you can often reference. They will provide a good baseline for you to start your search. From here, you can go ahead and start to contact banks, credit unions, brokers and lenders as needed. This way, you are familiar with the market and can iterate as needed. Having your research done in the beginning will help you tremendously.

When you to here, it is important to ask from at least three different preapprovals. These are the mortgage shopping tips that no one tells you. This is a process in which the lender looks at your finances and will essentially give you an estimate and a potential interest rate. This again allows you to do research and try out specific lenders and see  the prices that aare out there. This is basically an evaluation in which the borrower is given a summary of what they thin you will likely pay. This will not really impact your credit score. This doesn’t set anything into stone – it is part of the research phase and you can go back to the best one when you are actually looking for offers.

How to Compare Mortgages

Things to be looking for:

Loan term:

A big question people have is deciding between longer and shorter loans. In general, remember that the longer that it takes for you to pay back your loan means the lower the monthly payments will be. This is because in general, you will pay more during the life of the loan. This is because the interest rates will add up.

Here are the two basic types of loans options:

  1. 30 year loans – this is a common option because of the lower monthly payments
  2. 15 year loans – obviously, loan payments are higher but your entire loan is paid off in 15 years which is exciting (despite aggressive prices).

In certain, not so common cases, it is possible for you to get other lengths (even some longer than 30 years).

Loan structure:

Loan structure is also something that might heavily impact your decision. For example, it is really common to have a fixed rate mortgage. This is because there is less variation. In a adjustable rate, you might start paying lower but it might end up being high as things in the national economy change, which might prove risky in the long run.

Here are brief descriptions:

Fixed-rate mortgage: the interest rate doesn’t change for the duration of the loan.

Adjustable rate mortgage: in this option, the interest rate is fixed for the first years of the loan. However, when the period expiries, you are subject to rates of the market. This almost always means that your payment amount changes. This is definitely a better option for more advanced borrowers, or people who have a higher monthly income. Make sure you are checking exactly the loan terms in the agreement that was provided by the lender.


You may hate it now, but comparing loans will prove to be really important later. This is because you will find yourself saving a lot of money due to the foresight you have put in. It is important that you are staying updated with theh different terms and conditions and looking at crucial terms mentioned in the loans. This wil help you make your decision. Also, it is not a bad idea to involve others with this decision as well. A second opinion doesn’t hurt.

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