Home is a place where you keep whatever you like. The materials which you like or desire, you try to materialize it in your home space. You buy a house but you make it a home by the things you love to have it in a particular manner decorating a specific part of your home. Home is not made by four walls and windows and doors, it is made home by the people residing in that four walls and the things that achieve a specific place in a specific manner. Home is a place where you can find your inner peace.

With increasing incomes, the materials you buy are increasing even if you don’t need it but still you like it. With increasing materials, the space to keep or store them is decreasing. There is an issue of decreased space in the homes everywhere whether you live in 1 bedroom hall and kitchen flat or you live in a mansion. The space which a home occupies is limited and can’t be changed unless you remodel it completely, but what you can change without much tension is the amount you are spending or the quantities of materials you are buying.

De-clutter your home

It is very important for you to realize the fact that there is not enough space in your home to accommodate more stuff. What is the need of having a television in every room when you can enjoy your family time by sitting together and watching a program which your entire family can take pleasure from by being in the company of one another? The family that eats together, stays together is an apt statement. Who gets the time to discuss what’s happening in their life and if they get time also they would rather spend watching television or on their computers in their own room ignoring the fact of the presence of their other family members.

How to de-clutter your home?

The following are the simple methods that could help you in de-cluttering:

  • First realization is important to the fact that there is a need for de-cluttering.

  • After you have realized that de-clutter is the need of the hour, then try making a list of essential items and eliminate the items which you do not require at that moment of time or for that period but may be useful in the future. Then list the items which are just gathering dust at your home and you need to eliminate them. You can either host a garage sale for these items, or can donate them to the charity or someone for whom those items can be of value.

  • After de-cluttering, you need to find space for the items which you may not be needing at that point of time but will have a future use. You can either store it in your basement or rent it in some space such as the storage units. The trend of storage units is gaining tremendous popularity as at a nominal price of rent you can lease a unit where you can store all such items of interest which you may require in the future.

  • detoxing your home is not only an essential step but another important thing to remember is to manage your intake of buying stuff in the future. What is the need for accumulating such expensive things? Simple test you should perform before you buy anything is that you should ask yourself “Do I really need this in my home?” And trust me you will get your answer.

Before de-cluttering your home make yourself understand that in today’s time by accumulating stuff, you are spending lavishly and decreasing the space in your home which your family can utilize.

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