Dental Care Costs Can Be Lower With These 3 Tips

Dental care isn’t cheap, and for many single mothers it isn’t high on the priority list, but dentists recommend that children start receiving regular dental health care as soon as the first tooth appears. Many parents disregard this advice because of the misconception that the temporary tooth is not important. That, in conjunction with the cost involved in dental care, puts the child at risk for later health problems due to poor oral health.

Don’t let the lack of good dental insurance prevent you from giving your family the best, affordable dental care possible. If you need help paying for health care, consider the following options.

Dental Schools

While most people don’t have a problem with going to a University Medical Center for treatment, the thought of using a dental school as a source of care has never occurred to them.

Many parents don’t think to investigate the benefits to the communities that are homes to institutions of higher learning. If there is a dental school nearby, it’s possible that you and your family can obtain dental care from students at a reduced cost.

The dental students are closely supervised by licensed dentists. Faculty and post-graduate clinics are also often operated at many dental schools.

For preventative oral care at a lower cost, check at the dental hygiene schools.

Clinical Trials

If you or your family member has dental problems, there may be an opportunity to receive care through federally funded clinical trials. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, volunteers with specific oral and dental conditions are often sought to participate in research studies.

NIDCR is one of the organizations of the National Institutes of Health of the United States Government. While they don’t offer direct financial aid for dental care, they can offer help to find resources available to you and your family when you need dental care. If you’re interested in more information about their clinical trials, you can find a complete list of trials that are federally funded at

Health Department

Local and state health departments are a valuable source of information to the single mom who is looking for dental help. Many areas provide free or cheap dental care to qualified children and their parents. Call the health department in your area to see if they have information about financial assistance for dental care. The local number should be available in the phone book.



Many single mothers have to put their dental check ups on hold because it gets to be very expensive. There, however, are very many ways that it is possible to save money on dental costs so that your family can still visit the dentist for checkups.

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