Mission Statement

Single Mom Financial Help began in 2007 through the vision of a woman, who was once a single mother herself, who was devoted to helping single mothers everywhere try to improve their lives and families. The site was born in Fort Collins, CO at Snap In Media, a web development company that was just starting out. Here our passion is presenting single mothers with the best resources available to help them improve their situations.


We do serious research before posting any articles on the site, Our Editor periodically update the site content if they they found some of the content is not relevant any more

The sole objective of this site is educational and educate reader on how they they can improve their financial issues, nothing on this site should be considered legal, financial or other advice of any kind.

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If you found any fact which is not correct or relevant with changing time please drop us an email to stacy@singlemomfinancialhelp.com with the link address and reason why you think it is not relevant any more and Our team will look into it and make the change if needed.