Flexible Jobs for Moms

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Flexible jobs fall into two categories. Telecommuting jobs are done off site, usually from the comfort of the employees home. This can be a great benefit to the single mom who has kids that have not yet reached school age because it means that she can be available for the needs of her young children and keep her income to spend on her family instead of turning a big portion of it over to the person who provides day care.

Flexible jobs often mean that the employee goes to the physical location of the business every, but that she sets her own hours. That means that she can be available to take the kids to school every morning and pick them up in the afternoon. If there is a school break, she can schedule her work hours around reliable and available day care, and if one of the kids has to be picked up from school because of illness she can be there for the child and schedule her work hours to be made up during the pay period.

In a tight economy with a high unemployment rate, it is harder to find flexible jobs, but they are out there if you look hard enough. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of scams lurking on the internet promising single moms flexible work from home jobs. Don’t be taken in and pay out money to find a flexible job. Some legitimate companies do charge a small fee for their services and you should check them out with the Better Business Bureau before you turn over your precious dollars.

Some single moms are lucky enough to turn a volunteer activity into a flexible job. Others seem to have them land in their laps without even trying. Don’t wait for either of these things to happen. The truth is that flexible jobs are harder and harder to find and the companies who provide the opportunities are doing it because it works out better for their business and not because it works out best for you.

Places to Look for Flexible Jobs for Moms

If the single mom has proficient computer skills, it’s possible to earn income as a virtual assistant. Search online for jobs that you can do from home with the existing computer hardware and software that you already use on a daily basis. Tasks could include data entry, bookkeeping, research, transcription, call center work and even writing assignments. Be specific when you search online for jobs that you can do at home from your own computer. If you are bilingual, search for translating jobs.

If you are able to accept work outside of the home with little notice, a temp agency may be perfect for you. You will be required to go into the main office and fill out an application highlighting your skills and available. When the company receives a request for a worker who matches the skills that you have listed, you will be asked if you are available to fill the job order. You are free to accept or decline each job on an individual basis. Some of the work is only for a few hours while others may turn into full time employment.

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