A Foolproof Plan to Enforce Chores in Your Home

Home is a very special place close to everyone’s heart and it is made special not by the walls or the interiors of the home but by the people we call family that lives in there and make it a place where you can shout, cry and no one will judge you for that. Home is also special for the fact that you most feel comfortable there. Whether you stay at a suite at a five star hotel or in a villa or resort but the comfort you feel at your home cannot be compared with these incomplete luxurious comforts.

With making a house a place where you can feel yourself, there are responsibilities to play. A family is like teamwork and the goal of this team is to allow the smooth functioning of the place they reside in. The team is as strong as its weakest link, here the weakest doesn’t mean being physically weak literally but instead weak here signifies the inability of any member of the family to accept its role in the family and hinder the smooth functioning of its residence.

Chores for homes

A house cannot be made a home without the active participation of its family members. A chore can be described any activity that is required for the unhindered functioning of the home. It can include:

  • Making food and washing utensils

  • Making the dinner table

  • Collecting the day’s garbage and disposing it off.

  • Cleaning the bathrooms

  • Cleaning your wardrobe

  • Gathering the grocery from the supermarket

  • Collecting all the dirty clothes and getting the clean clothes neatly folded and placed in their respective owners room

  • Cleaning your rooms

Enforcing Chores at home

Enforcing chores and assigning them to the family members is a very important step as it make the person feel responsible for the completion of the specific chore allowing him to take charge of the chore which he has been assigned. Not only that it will make each member of the family more compassionate towards each other and would help the other member when he is unable to complete his part of the chore. If we see a larger picture then assigning chores is a very constructive step for the growth of the children into responsible citizens.

Ways in which you can enforce chores at home:

  • Make a list and assign specific chores to every individual suiting according to his capabilities so that he would not feel under or overwhelmed with the specific task as it can affect the confidence of the individual. Successful completion of the chores can also boost a person’s confidence.

  • Try to inculcate reinforcements wherever possible. If there is successful completion of the chore, try rewarding the member by praising him in front of the other family members so that you can also boost the confidence of that person who completed the task and will also fill that member with zeal and vigor to prepare for the next assignment of chores and for other family members, you can present it as an example and motivate them to try harder the next time. If someone is unable to complete the chores, just try motivating him so that he could perform well the next time.

  • Try making a timetable of the chores suiting according to the work schedule of the patient and try sticking to that schedule as it will your family members disciplined and teach them humility of taking responsibility when they are unable to complete a certain chore.

A chore can be made fun by just instilling competition into it and you will sure to receive 100% participation from your family members.

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