Is it a Myth: Free College for Single Mothers?

Is free college for single moms a reality, or just another fiction that can get your hopes up without delivering anything at all? The answer to that is not simple, but we’ll try to sort it out:

First, you’ve probably heard the saying “There is no free lunch.” That saying is very true, and if someone promises a free ride through college simply because you are a single mother, they are probably trying to convince you of a scam. Free college almost always involves a few strings attached.

But there are options that can help bring down the cost of college, and many of them don’t require that you pay the money back. Here are a few things you can consider to get “free college” for single mothers.

College Work Study is a good option. Do you want to go to college and get work experience at the same time? College work study can help pay your tuition while giving you the skills you need to move into a new job. Those who are in college work study can often qualify for college daycare as well, meaning you might have the best of all worlds. The work study might not pay for everything, but it will definitely make a sizable dent in the cost.

There are many government grants available, such as the Pell Grant, and are available to everyone. There are also special grants available through the government that focus on single mothers, those who want to start their own business, and mothers in other situations that require a bit of help to get started in a college education. Start with the Financial Aid Office and go from there.

The fact that you are a single mother trying to further your education will look very good to those who award scholarships. Many organizations, clubs, schools, and companies offer scholarships, and they are always looking for someone who not only needs the money, but can show exactly what they will do with their degree. Your degree will help out your children, and that will catch the eye of those who award the scholarships. Apply for any you can find and meet the qualifications for — you never know what you might get!

These are the three most popular ways to find “free college” for single mothers. There are other options that can help you. Start with your DHS office, talk to the financial aid office, and scour government sites on the internet for further information.

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