Frequently Asked Questions by our Single Mom Readers conducted a survey in which our blog readers asked our experts for advice. The team at Single Mom Help Network Compiled the questions and answers all into different categories ranging from finance, to careers, to family related Frequently Asked Questions that our readers wanted answered on our blog.

Take a look at our categories:

Transportation Assistance : Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions asked on this page are buying a new car, differences between used and new cars, and buying cars from dealers without paying extra money on interest.

Grants and Government Assistance : Frequently Asked Questions

This page covers information like maximum income for grants, how long it takes to receive grants, and how you can receive more grants if you already have received government help in the past.

Jobs & Businesses : Frequently Asked Questions

Questions under this category include jobs without degrees, starting and expanding a business, and bouncing back after a lay-off from a job.

Education & Degrees : Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, questions such as FAFSA, scheduling school, and going back to school to receive more degrees, are covered.

Personal Finance for Single Mothers : Frequently Asked Questions

This page covers all personal finance related questions — such as raising credit scores, cutting down on monthly payments, and catching up on bills and debt.

Personal & Family : Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions answered on this page are spending time with kids and paying for clothes.

Housing Grants & Assistance : Frequently Asked Questions

This page covers all questions about housing and assistance including finding a place to live, using section 8, HUD, and moving into a cheaper place with rent.

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