Government Programs For Mothers : 7 Places You can Apply to Today!

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Financial assistance and loans for single moms are available from various resources including the government, private, non-profit, and public organizations. Many government loans for single mothers are especially designed to assist single moms with beneficial features such as very low interest rates, installment schemes with long repayment period and lots more. Among the varied types of loans and grants for single moms the vital ones include; Emergency loans for single mothers with bad credit, business loans, educational loans, car loans, home loans and lots more.

Life as a single mother can be monetarily tough ,emergency assistance for single moms especially when you are considering your first home purchase. You know you need more room and a permanent place for your children to come home to, but you also know your bank account is looking a little thin. Buying a house is always an excellent decision (granted, all other things permit you to do so). How do you make that dream of a home come true? Single parent home buying government programs can help as there are various house buying assistance for single moms. Here are 7 places to find Government assistance for single mothers.

Before We Begin, Here is What You Should Know:

Prior starting a loan search for emergency money for single mothers, the vital thing to consider is your credit score. Undeniably there are lots of loans and grants available for single mothers. But, only those single moms who meet the criteria can avail grants or financial assistance from different resources. Your credit scoring will be the significant part of the equation which any financial institution would utilize to evaluate your capability to repay a loan. Credit scores will also determine the types of loans that you might be eligible for. Single moms applying for a loan must also know about a secured loan. This type of loan requires collateral such as a home, property or a car. The money lent becomes the debt; the creditor can also take possession of the collateral. These loans are idyllic options for single moms who are capable to pay off the loan amount timely.

The federal government sets aside funds for single moms in the form of grants. Applying for a loan or grant can be certainly a complicated process, but single mothers can truly have best benefits by acquiring the financial assistance and government loans.

Home Loan Resources for Single Mothers 

  • Housing Choice Vouchers – This program is designed to offer grants in making mortgage payments, the program is usually managed and handled by individual states. Each state qualifies the single moms for this program only if their income level meets the certain set criteria for that specific state.

  • Housing Finance Agency–This program provides down payment financial assistance to individuals and single moms with lower incomes. The agency is managed by each state independently. Interested single moms can check directly with the state about their qualifications and take the benefit of this program.

  • Housing and Urban Development–Families which do not normally qualify for traditional loans can find opportunities for lending in this program. This sort of loan is specifically desirable as it is assured by the government, and it also lessens lender risk efficiently. If you are a single mother, you can avail the FHA assistance which the HUD program offers and once you are approved, you are more probable to able to apply for bank home loan.

  • Home Investment Partnership –This is an another HUD program that offers assistance to families with very low income levels to cope up with down payments which they require to buy a home. Single moms can get benefits by availing this program. You have to prove financial assistance in order to qualify for this particular program, as this is more intended towards helping small income families not merely for single mothers.

  • State-Specific Programs–States often offer down payment aid to first-time house buyers. Single moms can contact federal government offices for such programs offered in a particular state.

First Time Home Grants

These first time home grants are really useful for people who are deciding if they should take the extra leap and buy their house for the first time. These grants are great because they provide extra help to pay for the extra expenses that buying a new home requires. Take a look at each of these grant options and make sure that you are making the best possible decision that you can. Many of these are great ideas — but only one or two may be the best for you.

Other Places to Look For

Government Loans for Single Mothers

FHA Loans

The Federal Housing Association has programs set up for those who need help buying their first home. The FHA First Time Home Buyers Program does not require a certain credit score, nor do they require a rental or housing history for the application. Only a 3.5 percent down payment is required, and you can even have someone co-sign the loan with you, even if they are not living on the property. Best of all, your payments are low and guaranteed to stay the same every month. Visit // to learn more.

Ameridream : FHA Downpayment Grants For Homebuyers

Ameridream - Single Mom Financial Help

Ameridream is a great place to look for loan help for single mothers.

Don’t think you can afford that down payment? Ameridream can help you with that. Ameridream is a charitable organization that allows low income families to purchase a home by helping them with the down payment. They are also currently creating communities of affordable, but classy housing, which might be an option if you live in one of Ameridream’s construction areas. Visit // for more information.

Fannie Mae Loan Application For Single Family

If you have a good credit score and money for a down payment, Fannie Mae offers a large number of foreclosed homes for sale. You can get a great deal on a home that might be well out of your price range. Though it sometimes feels strange to cash in on someone else’s misfortune, keep in mind that as a single mother. You need to look for a bargain . The more money you have left over after the mortgage is paid, the more money you have to give your children the things they need. Foreclosed homes might make your dream come true. For more information, visit //

Don’t Forget Your Tax Credit!

If you are prepared to purchase a home right now, it’s a fantastic time to do so. The government recently passed a Tax Credit in the United States, one that allows for up to $8000 dollars per household. That’s a huge benefit! The tax credit is for first-time home buyers only, and you will receive up to 10% of the purchase price of the house. It’s an unprecedented financial incentive, so if you can take advantage of it, now is the time!

HUD Approved Condos

Another big grant type is the HUD (Housing and Urban Development). This is a great type of grant for first time homebuyers. This type of grant is available through your state and it all depends on the state funding. If you are a first time home buyer, you are more likely to receive the funding for you to buy your first home. This grant also assists with anything that the single mother may need during the application process. However, this grant has a long waiting list due the high demand of this kind of assistance.

Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity - government loans for single mothers

If you are looking for another great resource for government loans for single mothers, definitely consider Habitat for Humanity.

This is another great grant option that is often overlooked. This is really good for buying a home because the habitat for humanity organization is very dedicated and they have many offices around the nation. Since it is a big organization, they are able to provide more help (but it also means that there will be a lot more competition for the grants). The organization will help build a home for the single mother to live in. This keeps the price at a minimum for single mothers once they move into the house. This is based solely on need-base, unlike all the others.

Nehimiah Foundation

This is a less popular option, which is still great for single mothers who would like a grant. The purpose of this grant is to assist with the sown payment aspect of the grant. The funds are quite limited, so it is best to apply early and make your application stand out.

Another way to find grants is to do a quick online search specific the city that you live in. This will help you find some local grants that may have less of an application process than the other more popular nationwide ones. It is quite easy to find a good grant online. This way you can find a grant that is more prevalent to your area.

Families First/Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

This program gives a small cash amount to families who are struggling with finances. It is meant for those who have children and are finding themselves unable to afford even the basic necessities. While on TANF, a parent is expected to work or train for a job for a minimum of 30 hours per week. They are also expected to keep their kids in school, get all vaccinations for their children, and work with the courts to establish paternity and start child support proceedings. The TANF program might also include food stamps.

CHIP Program

The Children’s Health Insurance Program is a government-funded insurance plan available in every state. The program caters to those who cannot afford insurance on their own. It covers children for everything they need – medical, dental, and vision – and does so with either no co pays or very small ones. The CHIP program in your state is a godsend for those who are struggling to pay the bills and are worried about the health and well-being of their children.

WIC : Women, Infants, and Children.

The WIC program is one of the most successful government programs for financially-strapped mothers. The program consists of coupons for free items every month. These items are the basics required for pregnant or nursing mothers and children up to the age of five. The financial limits on WIC are higher than that of other programs, so your odds of acceptance are very good.

Free or Reduced Meals :

For many children, having a good meal at school might be the only time they get the nutrition they need. The government recognized the need and set standards for free or reduced lunchtime meals in all schools across the country. If your family falls under the income limits, your children can get lunches at a reduced price or for absolutely free. This counts for breakfast, too.

Food Stamps :

For those who have empty cupboards, the food stamp program can come to the rescue. Established in 1964, the food stamp program has stamped out malnutrition in this country, but hunger continues. The program gives millions of dollars each month to keeping families fed and healthy.

And If That Wasn’t Enough:

  • As a single mother, it is your right that the father of your child pays child support. If there is any problem with this, then contact your local agencies for Child Support Enforcement. Not only can they get the payments for you, but any of the father’s tax refunds can be transferred to you if needed. (
  • Administration for children and families has also set up resources that pay for child care for children of single parents. (
  • The US Department for Health and Human Services also runs Head Start. It provides educational, health and other services for children of economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Once you go to the website, you only need to enter your address and you will be directed to the nearest Head Start office. (//
  • If you have a place to live, but heating and cooling bills are a problem, then Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program might be able to help you. It is a federally funded program, check out their website to see if you qualify. (

There are many other resources for single moms on the US Department of Health & Human Services website (// You can also visit the government grant site (// to look for more government aid that you can be eligible for.


Congrats on your decision to buy a house, this is a big step forward. What’s great is that there are so many different single parent home buying programs that are set up to help you along the way. These are few of the vital government loans for Programs in the various states that aids in buying home. Furthermore, the government also offers various other types of loans to assist single mothers in every possible way such as personal loans, emergency loans, and lots more. Single mothers can apply to any kind of loan provided they are eligible for the same. Whether you need a grant, some counselling or just even someone to ask for advice, there are so many different government programs that can help you make the process much smoother. Use the resources above and get yourself started on the fantastic journey!


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