Sometimes circumstances can leave a single mother in a difficult position. Many single mothers struggle to make ends meet on minimum wage incomes or no incomes at all. Even those who are able to collect child support often find it isn’t enough to provide for a family in this rising economy. Rather than continuing to… Read More

Support for single mothers is everywhere if you know where to look! Finding them can be a challenge because you have to sort through such a large and diverse pool of information to get to what works for you. But don’t get discouraged! Grants for single mothers are available for many different things, and odds… Read More

Finding financial assistance for single mothers can be hard and finding the money for everything needed can be even tougher. Governmental branches and private organizations have set up ways to provide single moms with the financial help they need – including free money. The 529 Savings Plan – The 529 Savings Plan is a very… Read More

Mothers have a lots of challenges to face from child-rearing issues to being the sole financial provider for their families and everything in between. Often housing is single biggest expense a single mother has. Finding housing that is affordable, safe and provides adequate shelter for her and her family is sometimes akin to Sisyphus pushing… Read More

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Single moms need all the help they can get!  There is a lot of help for single mothers out there; the problem is that people are doing an awful job of advertising it. Single moms have the responsibility of caring for their children, while providing for them. In this day and age, when a two-person… Read More

One of the first things you have to before you apply for any grants is realize how grants work. In many cases grants are managed by entities who then disburse the funds to individuals, but in some cases you can get individual grants straight from the government. Grants are funds that are allocated by government… Read More

Managing the financial aspects of a college education is a struggle for most people. Unless you are independently wealthy, you will probably need some financial assistance to cover the costs of tuition, books and living expenses while going to school. Financial aid comes in several forms, the most common of which are student loans, scholarships… Read More

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For single mothers, Pell Grants can be a great way for them to go back to school and get an education, with a majority of the cost paid. Pell Grants do not have to be repaid, unlike traditional loans. The only criteria it has is that the recipient must not have earned their bachelors degree and… Read More