Help Finding a Place to Live for Single Mothers

Housing is one of the biggest expenses a single mother faces. Finding a place to live that fits in your budget can be challenging to impossible depending on your employment and rate of pay. There are a few things you can do to find affordable places to live. Depending upon how urgent your need is, these suggestions follow a progression that can help you find housing that meets your needs and budget.

Exploring Places to Live for Free

It is a good option for single moms who’re desperately seeking a safe shelter for their kids and don’t have money. The optimum living standards might be missing, but it is better than living on the streets or in your car. Warmth, food and protection from the environment are basic human needs and can mean the difference between living and dying. Many state, county and city agencies can help you find places to live for free in your area. Another option is to check with churches in the area to find out about emergency housing.

Ways to Live Rent Free

Look out for ways to live rent free. There are some jobs which provide housing as part of the compensation for the job. Many self-storage facilities and building management positions will give an apartment to someone who will perform basic duties such as collecting rent, showing and leasing units, etc. In addition, you earn a salary for the job as well. With the cost of rent removed from the budget, these jobs can be quite beneficial to the mother who needs to stay home with young children.

Section 8 Housing Program

This is a federally run housing program that helps pay their rent for qualified tenants. Based on income and other factors, a portion up to the full amount of the rent may be paid to landlords whose housing meets the requirements of the program. This helps make it easier for single mothers to find a place to live. You can contact the section 8 housing agency in the city you are in to find out about units available in your area.

Settle Down in a Smaller Place

For the time being, you may have to take a smaller apartment that you would like. Kids can share bedrooms and if necessary, you can sleep on the sofa or on a sleeper sofa so that you don’t need an extra bedroom. Keeping the number of bedrooms down lowers the cost of an apartment. So long as it provides the basics, you can make due for a time until your circumstances improve and you can afford more.


When you are trying hard to make ends meet, it is essential to keep your feet firmly planted to the ground. Living rent free is the best option. However, if it isn’t possible, look for homes that have lower rent. Opt for a smaller place to live, if nothing else works for you. Never lose heart because you are putting yourself out to usher in good times. for more aid related article read more.

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