Higher Degrees in Nursing: A Way to A Fuller Wallet

Single Mothers are assisted with formal proposals on attaining higher degrees in nursing which helps them not only financially in future days but also to nurture their motherhood in their regular lives. Hence, the need for higher degrees in nursing for single mothers is necessary for sustainable opportunities.

Nursing is a profession within health care industry, which focuses in taking care of health of individuals, communities and families to improve their quality of life. Nursing Training is different and holds huge scope of practice. Nurses work closely with physicians and assist them in treating illness of the patients. They can also be appointed at patients’ home if the treatment demands. Various programs exist in nursing which helps the hospitals to depute them in across the resource requirement to run the operation smoothly.

  • Single mothers need fund to run their family good living and hence grant from many colleges are available to support them to learn and earn simultaneously.

  • Various residential nursing colleges help the single mothers to stay with their children so that they can concentrate on classes as well flexible with working time because it’s inside campus.

  • There are single moms who at times are unable to attend day time classes, for them, there exists night classes and also few colleges allow online courses understanding the challenges of the single mother.

There are various levels of nursing degrees based on various levels of graduation or accreditations. Some of the widely known ones are

  • Bachelor’s degree in Nursing,

  • Accredited nursing colleges also provide private degrees

  • Associate nurse’s degrees.

  • Also there exist master degrees for mothers who post their bachelor degrees might want to acquire advanced skills on specialized subjects, like clinical nursing, nurse anesthetist, a nurse mid wife etc.

For single mothers it is not easy to go back to college when their priority in life has changed. They have to take care of their kids and their well being. They are keener to get a stable job with some amount of flexible work timing. Considering all these factors, many nursing school and colleges has come up with some kind of loan, flexible payment mode and scholarships to help the single mothers.

Many courses allow working while learning, they assist the house surgeon while learning the theory which helps them to be absorbed in hospitals much faster than completing the courses and start working.

Internationally there is serious scarcity of professionals in this area and hence many people are migrating from India and other Asian countries. Because of this shortage, many international nursing schools and colleges provide funding aid to interested students and pay for their travel and stay so that hospitals are not in problems in future days. Hence it is suggested to many single mothers to live their life with a steady income and provide a good environment for their kids, moves to overseas with scholarships.

Nursing is a very demanding program for single moms. Earlier the nursing courses were allotted to student from any stream of subjects. But with its growing demand, it has been changed and now specific criteria has been developed by each university in the selection process considering the fact that these programs will not only provide certificates to the students but will also support them financially. Many single moms take nursing as their career and moves ahead and much recent survey says that we have many single moms who have reached their satisfactory stage in life by choosing this career. The nursing programs for single moms are stressful as well because they have to manage their house, kids single handed and also think about managing their financial stress, have to take care of work life balance.

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