Housing Assistance for Single Mothers

No matter how cash-strapped you are, you will need a house to keep your kids safe and secure. As a single parent, you are the sole provider for your family. The situation becomes challenging because you are not just the breadwinner, but also the care-giver and emotional anchor of your family. You can find myriad housing programs for single parents under the sun. However, before opting for any one of them it is essential to prepare the ground.

One of the most difficult things for many single mothers is finding affordable housing or housing grants for single mothers. You want your kids to be able to play and be a little rambunctious while also being safe. Of course the ideal home for children may seem to be a single family home with a fenced yard and a neighbourhood watch program but for most single mothers that may be outside the household budget. So if you’re stuck with choosing an apartment as a single mother there are a few things to look for before you sign a lease.

According housing assistance for single mothersto the U.S. Census data, 83 percent of the single-parent households are headed by mothers, who typically face a lot many difficulties in making the ends meet. Marilyn Timbers, financial advisor with ING Financial, says, “Single parents are only relying on themselves, and they are torn on how to prioritize their money.” She also states, “Single parents usually feel less secure about money, regardless of how much they have.” So, what do single moms need to do to enhance their financial position and feel a little bit more empowered?

As you set out to investigate your options for housing assistance, check out your current financial status. Thereafter, prioritize your needs, set goals and create a budget. Now that you have a fair idea of your earnings and expenses, you can start applying for different housing programs for single mothers. These deliberations are critical as they will help you to streamline the application process.

Types of Housing Assistance

When you are desperately seeking a home for your family, you need to set your goals judiciously. Although housing grants for single parents can lessen your housing expense to a great extent, but you would also need to pitch in to pay off the rest. So, stick to your goal list and keep on saving. Remember, a little bit here and a little bit there can also make a difference. Just by stashing $10 each week, you can build up $7,800 in 15 years.

Dig deep and be honest

While applying for different housing programs for single moms, you should start with a budget too. Savings won’t happen if you continue to live paycheck to paycheck. Count every soda, coffee, burger and candy. There is nothing wrong with a little treat every now and then, but you should keep in mind that even $10 can make a difference in 15 years, when your kids will grow up and those $10 treats will become tiny and insignificant for them by then.

Have an emergency fund plan that doesn’t include relying on credit cards.

Housing or rent assistance do not go well with debt. This ugly four-letter word should be avoided as much as possible, especially of you are applying for various housing programs for single parents. Sometimes unwarranted emergencies drain away all your savings and give your budget a jolt. It is advisable to stay away from credit cards. For instance, if you use your credit card to pay $6,000 for car repair, you will end up paying $10,000 at the end of your debt period. Debt like this can adversely impact the monthly amount of funds you have available to you to put towards your home – this is true for anyone and everyone.

What does your emergency fund consist of?

Instead, always have an emergency fund that you regularly add to; even if it’s just a few dollars a week, you’ll have something, which is better than nothing, and when an expensive event does come up, because it will come up, you won’t be in such a panic trying to pay for it. You might consider meeting a bank representative to discuss options for low-risk funds, such as a money market fund or CD to help those savings grow steadily.

single-mom-helpFor more information on forms of assistance and support for single moms, there are many excellent online resources available that are specifically targeted at this very subject. There are opportunities and programs available to help with everything from medical expenses and food to housing assistance for single mothers and going back to school, so be sure you evaluate every option that may be available to you!

 Ever Considered an Apartment?

Ground Floor Apartment

Single mothers often find that a ground floor apartment is a better choice than one that is atop another family. Children like to play and jump and bounce; a ground floor apartment makes this possible without enduring complaints from the family downstairs.


An apartment complex with a security office, intercom door systems, grated lower floor windows etc. is what you should look for in order to make sure you and your children are safe and sound in and outside of your apartment. Not all apartment complexes have all of these options but you can evaluate all the options and possibilities before you choose an apartment.

Child Friendly

Is there a playground? Maybe a swimming pool? Do you see children playing outdoors in the apartment complex? As a single mother you more than likely have a job, you probably don’t want to come home from work just to have to take the children to a park or other outdoor area to play. An apartment complex often has child friendly activities and equipment as well as other children to play with. You can simply walk outdoors and enjoy a book while your kids play if you choose this kind of apartment complex.


Luckily many apartments offer amenities such as cable or water service as part of your rent. This enables you to save some money toward getting your own home later. Another benefit of apartment living for a single mother is the maintenance. You don’t have to mow the lawn, trim the shrubs or worry about painting and maintaining the outside of your apartment. When something breaks or an appliance dies that is included in your apartment rent- you’ll get a repair or new appliance! The cost benefits of apartment living is one of the main reasons to give up the idea of a single family home for a while!

The key to finding the ideal apartment for you and your children is to visit, ask questions and thoroughly check out the complex before committing to a lease. Single moms have a lot on their plates. They have to juggle all the bills, handle all the transportation and manage to feed their child a healthy diet on what is usually a tight budget. Choosing to live in an apartment as a single mother is a wise decision and one that can help with several areas of being a single parent. There’s the possibility of a neighbour taking on babysitting duties, other children for your kids to play with and even carpools to take advantage of to make your life easier! Interestingly, there are also low income apartments for single mothers that want to save some money on them as well!


Your girth and determination will help you to excel and succeed. Just play your cards right and you will find a good housing program for single mothers within no time. Curtail your expenses, increase your savings and adhere to your budget. This is all you need to do to save more and get a home.

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