Housing Initiative Program Overview

Finding affordable housing is a problem faced by many Americans, but for the single mom who is trying to provide a home for her family on a single income, it can be extremely difficult. The problem escalates when she feels that she has been refused the housing that she feels that she can afford because of discrimination. The Fair Housing Initiatives Program is in place to offer assistance if you feel that your application has been rejected due to any type of discrimination.

FHIP organizations and other non-profit organizations have been working together to help you find the right government agencies to handle housing discrimination complaints. It doesn’t matter if you have been denied approval to rent or to purchase property, these agencies will do a preliminary investigation of your claim. Often testers will evaluate if the housing providers treat people who are equally qualified in the same manner. The testers are minorities and whites who have the same financial qualifications.

The Fair Housing Organizations Initiative

FHOI, or the Fair Housing Organizations Initiative, is the organization that provides the funding to build the effectiveness of not for profit fair housing organizations through education and enforcement. While FHOI pays special attention to persons with disabilities who feel that they have been discriminated against, they haven’t lost their focus to serve the needs and the rights of all groups who have been underserved in their search for affordable housing.

The Private Enforcement Initiative

PEI give assistance to a network of fair housing organizations across the United States. The Private Enforcement Initiative funds the non-profit groups to conduct the testing and enforcement that will eliminate the discriminatory housing practices that may be responsible for the single moms problems in getting approval for affordable housing.

The Education and Outreach Initiative

State and local agencies of the government and non-profit groups who bring awareness of the Fair Housing Act requirements and compliance to housing providers and the general public are partially funded and supported by the Education and Outreach Initiative.

Don’t Accept Housing Discrimination

If you ever believe that you have been a victim of discrimination as you look to purchase or rent a home for your family, don’t let it slide. Contact the Department of Housing and Urban Development in your area for help in finding the government agency to contact to file a complaint. Information on the location of your nearest HUD office can be found in your local telephone book or online at www.hud.gov.



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