No matter how cash-strapped you are, you will need a house to keep your kids safe and secure. As a single parent, you are the sole provider for your family. The situation becomes challenging because you are not just the breadwinner, but also the caregiver and emotional anchor of your family. You can find myriad… Read More

Financial assistance and loans for single moms are available from various resources including the government, private, non-profit, and public organizations. Many government loans for single mothers are especially designed to assist single moms with beneficial features such as very low interest rates, installment schemes with long repayment period and lots more. Among the varied types of loans… Read More

Mothers have a lots of challenges to face from child-rearing issues to being the sole financial provider for their families and everything in between. Often housing is single biggest expense a single mother has. Finding housing that is affordable, safe and provides adequate shelter for her and her family is sometimes akin to Sisyphus pushing… Read More

If you are a single mother, it is quite likely that you have looked at your finances from time to time and wished for some sort of magic wand that would let you get everything under control immediately. While we wish that was a possibility, the reality is that your finances are often something that… Read More

Qualifying for Section 8 Housing The requirements for qualifying for section 8 can vary, and knowing how to apply for it, will get you a higher change to get this grant. There are many online vouchers to help, but make sure you are reading for the one for your state instead of vague descriptions that… Read More

Federal Housing Assistance for Single Mothers One of the most challenging tasks for a single mom is buying a new home or paying monthly house rent. While making ends meet, it is often difficult for you to ensure your kids live in a safe and decent place. If you’re facing housing problems, you should try… Read More

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