How to Find Affordable Single Mom Student Grants

For a single mom, keeping finances in order is one of the biggest challenges she will face. Without a decent paying job or some form of independent wealth, this challenge is one that often prevents her from returning to school because of the expense. Fortunately, a single mom can go to school more affordable these days because of the profuse amount of financial support.

Affordable single mom student grants are  unlike other types of college funding, they don’t have to be paid back. A grant is more like a donation given to a person who meets the eligibility requirements.

Single moms looking for student Support for single mothers will first need to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) online or through the college they plan to attend. Many grants use this information to determine eligibility based on financial need. The Pell Grant is one option. In order to qualify, you must also be an undergraduate student who has yet to earn a professional or bachelor’s degree.

If you plan to make a career of teaching, the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant can help pay for college. The catch for this grant is that applicants must agree to teach at either a private or public elementary or secondary school whose facilities serve students from low-income households. If you can meet this obligation, you could receive up to $4000 in grant money per year.

Another grant available to college-bound single moms is the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. It was established to meet the needs of those in extreme financial hardship. This grant can add between $100 and $4000 annually to your college funding and there is no repayment of the money required.

Other options for financing your college education include scholarships and student loans. Scholarships often come with strings attached such as having to work in the field of your education in a particular location for a set amount of time. However many scholarships have no such requirements but may require you to meet certain criteria in order to be eligible. It is far easier to apply for these kinds of benefits.

Student loans should be a last resort. Many people find the burden of paying back a student loan unbearable. Thousands of college grads start their professional lives with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of debt. This is definitely not the type of challenge a single mom trying to improve her quality of life needs to face. Grants are the most affordable college funding option for single moms. – Public media for Northern California recently did a program which provides a good insight on how to refinance or lower your interest on college loan for people how pay high rate on their student loan [ref] Student Loan Interest Rate Set to Rise Student loan

FSA – Federal Student Aid provides a nice and detailed information about their strategic plan for year FY2012 to FY2016 , through this office US-DOE (Department of Education ) manages about $150 billion a year in grants , low interest education loan [ref] federal student aid for women Student loan.

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