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Hiring a lawyer is expensive, but single moms who don’t have legal training or the benefit of someone who does in her social network are usually unable to navigate some of the legal tangles in life without professional legal assistance. Fortunately, the legal profession offers skilled lawyers who are willing to volunteer their services, either as pro bono work to individuals, or through a community legal aid organization. works with these low cost or free organizations and refers people in need of legal assistance to them. The website offers vulnerable people who need help handling their legal affairs links to find local organizations in their communities that can offer legal assistance. The site was built by Pro Bono Net, an organization that has its headquarters in New York . The nonprofit Pro Bono Net partnered with state organizations throughout the country to compile the resources listed.

Basic information that the single mom may need about legal rights, information about courts, local legal assistance resources and self help information that is available locally can be found through following the links on the website.

One of the supporters of Law Help is LSC, Legal Services Corporation, an organization proven to be a helpful resource, and whose client base made up overwhelmingly of women.

Often a single mom can escape the need for legal assistance just by being empowered with the knowledge of her rights and her recourse options. Speaking up with a firm voice of conviction, backed up by a clear grasp of what is legal and what is not can serve to set the foundation to enable a negotiation that is acceptable to both parties. Being able to sort out legal entanglements before they hit the court system is a benefit to all parties involved and also lessens the strain on the legal system.

It’s important to remember, however, that some cases require professional legal representation. Use every resource available to find the professional legal assistance you need by researching the organizations that can give you help without ruining you financially.

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