How Low Income Families can Make a Work Schedule that Works

Surviving in this competitive world is a tedious task. One has to struggle really hard just to earn the basic necessities of life, that is, shelter, food, and clothes. No matter you belong to the high class society, middle class or lower class, every individual needs to find ways in which they can accomplish their goals. However, the lower strata find it the most difficult to get these provisions and also to easily complete their daily task.

Problems faced by low income families

The first and foremost thing low income families face is their shelter. Indeed we all know the status of their homes. Living in a place where an entire family shares one single room, is really a tough and commendable job. The life of people belonging to middle and high society families is relatively easier than the low income families.

The second major issue which people of these strata come across is the hygiene. It is rightly said that health is wealth. But do you really think the hygiene conditions in slums and the sharing societies, famously called the ‘chauls’ in India. Sharing common bathrooms and toilets is the weirdest thing one can imagine. Unfortunately, these people have to do that as well. Standing in queues to use these facilities is literally bizarre.

Another major concern for them is the difficulty with which they acquire ration and water facilities. One has to cut short a lot on their desires and ambitions to learn their bread and butter. If one has to store water for a day, one has to fill all the vessels and containers they have in the house, that too within a short span of time. If one fails to do that they deprive themselves of this facility.

How to Deal With them:

As there is no single problem to be addressed and multiple problems form a vicious cycle where one problem causes the inability to solve other problems and leads to many other problems. So the best way is to break this vicious cycle. This can be done in following ways:

  • Know the team: try to know who will support you in the work that you take up, are they a part of the family or friends or just investors, what share of time will they give you, what all their areas of specialization are, and how reliable and trustworthy they are.

  • Jot your work demands- make a list of the responsibilities you hold, the plan the strategies to avoid them, make checklists of all your duties and display them around you as to have a constant reminder. Once you know your duties you will be able to schedule accordingly.

  • Distribute duties among all and explain them their duties. For an instance, one person can do all the chores related to marketing. You can also divide duties according to days, for example, if you have to fill water for storage, rather than imposing it on one person, one member of the family can do it in a rotation.

  • Prepare a budget for each month. Work schedule and money saving becomes easy once you know how much your financial status should be in order to purchase the basic necessities as well do some savings for emergency situations. You will not have to run for things at the last moment.

These pointers are just a few basic guidelines that will help you in simplifying your life, saving money and reliving you from the hectic work schedule. Also, this will nurture the love and trust between your family members, eventually uniting you to a great extent!

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