Medicaid And CHIP Help For Single Moms

The Medicaid program is a program designed for individuals and families who are income eligible for the program. Eligibility for Medicaid is governed by both state and federal laws and will vary from state to state. Specifically, the program is designed to help children, the elderly, and the disabled, and some states expand it to help parents of children who are covered. It is not necessarily available to all who meet the income eligibility, as there are other eligibility factors to consider. But if Medicaid is taking too long or you are simply just not eligible for it, CHIP is also something to consider.

Medicaid and Your Children (CHIP)

Many states offer Medicaid programs for children who do not have other insurance. If you are a single mom and are unable to get private insurance through your work, check with your state’s Office of Health and Human Services to learn what Medicaid options are available for your kids. Even if you cannot get coverage through Medicaid, having coverage for your children will greatly improve your family’s financial position, particularly because of the numerous childhood illnesses they may have and the many well-child checkups they must have. If you only want to get it for children, CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), can also be something to consider. Medicaid and CHIP are available in almost every state and has 10 “regions” that cover the US so everyone can be thriving with healthcare.

Coverage for You

Whether or not you qualify for coverage will depend on your state’s eligibility requirements. States understand how vital it is for families to be healthy, and they will offer coverage to uninsured parents who have dependent children in the home. Income requirements will apply, but it’s good to check with the health department to see if you qualify. Medicaid helps out nearly 72.5 Million Americans get the healthcare that they need. They have realized the importance of healthcare, and its something that most low-income families have to sacrifice. Having a piece of mind is something that the Medicaid program is dedicated to providing.

How to Apply

Again, each state is going to have different requirements, but in general, you will apply for Medicaid through your state’s Health Department. You will need proof of all of your income, as well as proof of some vital expenses, such as the expense for daycare that allows you to work. Each state will figure your income with a variety of deductions, so if you are in the bubble for income requirements, go ahead and apply. You may be qualified even if you don’t think you are. Medicaid is only available for those who have a low-income, it is free health insurance, after all, those in need should get it.

If you are able to get Medicaid, you will no longer have to worry about the expenses of medical care. Many programs also cover dental and vision care for your family. Medicaid covers any basic insurance needs, but it also provides a piece of mind so you don’t have to be constantly worrying about healthcare.   This will alleviate a large financial burden when it comes to keeping your family healthy. If you qualify for Medicaid, you may also qualify for other aid programs, like nutrition assistance or WIC. Talk to the health department or your case worker to determine what other programs you may qualify to receive.

Medicaid Pointers

Once you are accepted in the Medicaid program, it is hard to find the Policy Number as a proof that you have insurance. This link by the actual Medicaid program might be able to help you out with signing up and looking for your policy number, but also shows how you can get a tax credit for it. Their phone numbers vary from the state you live in, but the Medicaid/CHIP website can help you out. You don’t just get affordable insurance, but you also get a tax credit for using Medicaid/CHIP.


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