Non-Profit Organizations Offer Job Training

In 2010, the unemployment rate for single moms was 12.3, according to the National Women’s Law Center. Non profit organizations are stepping up, and one has made it part of their mission to be part of the solution to that problem.

Many single moms are familiar with Goodwill Industries. The non profit organization more than likely operates a thrift store in or near your community. These stores are often the first thought when shopping for children’s clothes, or when donating gently used items that the family no longer needs.

Goodwill Industries offers much more to the communities they serve than a used clothing and furniture store. The organization also helps people who are faced with challenges in finding employment. They have the resources to guide people who have a hard time finding success based on a lack of job experience or education. Goodwill Industries can offer customized job training and give assistance to employment searches. People with disabilities will also find that Goodwill Industries can provide services geared toward help them.

Partnering with businesses, Goodwill Industries can help single moms with a host of financial resources. The Wal-Mart Foundation has provided a 2.5 million dollar grant that has funded the establishment of the Beyond Jobs program. The program not only assists single moms in job searches, but also helps them in areas of child care assistance, planning for transportation, and nutrition programs. Beyond Jobs and Goodwill Industries also educate single moms in financial matters. The benefits received by single moms from this program alone can help them build financial stability, keep their jobs and even advance their careers.

Independent Goodwill Industries are community based in 165 locations across the U.S. and Canada. Even if the branch in your local community is not listed on the Goodwill Industries as a location of Beyond Jobs or other business partner resources, ask for information at the local thrift shop or visit their website.

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