Hidden Resources to Get State Assistance in Ohio

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Ohio has several resources you can turn to when you need a little bit of help.  As long as you look in the right place, you can get a lot of assistance. From help with finding childcare to grants for school, these resources can prove to be really helpful if you need financial aid.



Not having a quality and safe place to keep your kids while you and your significant other can really put a strain in both of your careers.

Ohio offers a subsidized childcare program through the Department of Job and Family Services that allows families in this situation to place their kids in quality childcare. This includes in-home care, and help to pay for it.


If you need access to quality medical care for your family, you may qualify for the Ohio Medicaid program.

The Healthy Start and Healthy Families programs often are the right fit if you need coverage for you or your children. If you do not qualify for Medicaid because your income is too high can get coverage for their kids through the Children’s Buy-In program.

Women can get help with certain conditions through the Breast and Cervical Cancer Project.

Cleveland: There are many healthcare clinics for low-income families in Cleveland. Keeping up with health insurance can be tough, especially with one income. Luckily MetroHealth is here and they provide cheap but good health care.

Food and Supplies

The state of Ohio recognizes that for some families, purchasing healthy food is almost impossible.

They offer the Ohio Direction Card to families who need some extra help purchasing food. The state’s WIC program allows families with young children to purchase healthy foods like milk and cheese.

To come in contact with Ohio’s Food Assistance section, you can call, (614) 466-4815.

Those who need help with more than just food can get cash assistance through the Ohio Works First program and Ohio Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.


The Ohio Public Transit Association offers a variety of public transportation options to those who do not have a working vehicle.

This provides a needed way to get to and from work or school, without the hassle that comes with owning and maintaining a car.

Rent Assistance

Keeping a roof over your family’s head should not be a daily battle.

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) partners with HUD to offer a variety of home ownership and renters assistance programs.

Through the various programs, including subsidized apartments and housing choice vouchers, you can find a way to keep your kids warm and safe.

College Grants

Ohio’s Board of Regents offers a list of grants and scholarships available to Ohio students who wish to go back to school or start a degree program.

This list provides a valuable resource you can use to find funding for their degree. Filing the FAFSA is typically the first step toward finding any form of college aid.


As you can see, there are many programs that you can use to help you out. These programs are designed to help you save a lot of money and become stress-free.

Make good use of these programs because they are beneficial to your bank account.

Feel free to comment down below if you are using any other programs to help you.


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