You are not alone! : Help for single mothers

Being a single parent can factually be a fantastic ride, but at the same time it can also be highly stressful, especially financially. The major problem single mom’s face is not making sufficient money to support their family. Fortunately there are several governmental as well as non-profit organizations to help single mothers in various ways.

The stress of handling entire family’s and household expenses alone can certainly be a challenging task for single parents, necessitating the need for financial assistance. It is significant for single mothers to realize and utilize that help available in times of difficulties.

1. Grants for single mothers

One among the many resources available for single mothers is education grants. This can aid the single mother to study further to increase their employment prospects. This will in turn amplify their income and relive their stress of worrying where the money for food, clothing or education for the child will come from. Getting an education grant could be highly beneficial.

2. Non-Profit organizations

Every country will be having designated organizations that are established to assist single parents in times of distress. Local non-profit organizations are equipped to help single mothers with daycare assistance, utility bills, rental assistance, food, clothing and several other necessities. Local non-profit organizations to help single mothers include;

  • Department of social services – Provides food stamps, medical care assistance, daycare assistance and lots more.

  • Department of Human services

  • Transportation assistance

  • Free meals for school-aged children

3. Federal assistance organizations

There are many federal programs intended to assist single mothers and low income families.

  • Temporary assistance for needy families –This is a significant federal assistance program that offers temporary monetary assistance and also food stamps to single mothers as well as low-income households.

  • Housing energy assistance program for low income –This program provides assistance with various energy related expenses such as paying utility bills, energy-related home repairs, and more.

4. Religious and community-based organizations

Some religious organizations have organized assistance programs to aid single mothers. Some organizations might ask for proofs and documents from applicants who desire to receive assistance. Community organizations often have programs to aid single mother with shelter, rental payments, food attainment and clothing needs.

5. Local food bank

There are foods banks that are usually found in all areas across the country and can be accessed by the needy at anytime. Funds for food banks mainly come from local grocery stores, restaurant owners, wholesalers and also by individuals. Once the foodstuff is brought in, volunteers assort, and pack food kits for needy families. Single mothers can receive aid with attaining food by applying with any of the local food bank available. In most cases, single mothers who receive federal benefits are eligible to receive food funds from food banks.

6. Support groups

Sometimes all that single mothers factually need is someone to understand their situation, someone to talk to, and also someone to aid them to recover from the loss of a loved one either due to divorce or death. Support groups offers single mothers a chance to talk to various other people in a similar situation. Do research over the internet, or ask at your community center or local library about support groups in your area.

There are several organizations offering different assistance programs such as financial assistance, legal assistance, housing assistance, and lots more. However, not all single mothers could take advantage of these special financial assistance packages. Only those whose incomes fall below a specific level are regarded as low-income individuals and will qualify for welfare benefits. Eligible Single mothers can take benefit of these assistance programs to have the best benefits.

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