Properly Negotiate a Job Offer (and get benefits you probably don’t deserve)

Getting that most awaited call after a job interview of getting selected for the job is always a special moment in everyone’s life. But what if you are not satisfied with the points they reveal after the interview getting cracked, be it salary, the timing, or the extra provident funds they may be deducting. You get the shock of your life, and you go into the dilemma of whether to take up the job or not.

There may be different situations where you are not satisfied with what they offer so the solution is not to leave and let go instead negotiate, put forward your expectation in a tricky way and let them decide. There might be times when you are getting better options from other companies so instead of taking the toll on you of shifting the job and adapt to new place alter the present work conditions according to what you want. The situations may be different, unique but there are few principle strategies that would surely help in each.

I would list out few of such tactics which may help you to negotiate the job offer and turn things upside down, and consequently bring the ball into your court.

  • Understand your worth- if you realize your worth for the company and understand that its ‘they who need you and not you who needs them’, you can definitely take a stand for your point firmly and calmly because at heart it assures you a yes. So never underestimate yourself, identify what makes you unique and special from others, because there has to be something in you on basis of which they selected you for the job out of so many potential employees. And use your specialties and skills as leverage to demand a salary hike.

  • Conduct a personal SWOT test

S=strength (internal)
w=weakness (internal)
o=opportunities (external)
t=threats (external)
this helps you consider career as professional business and yourself as competitive product.

  • Remember the ‘s’ means ‘simultaneously’ and not ‘serially’- this means that whenever you are negotiating on few points always put them forward all in once and let them know the relative worth of each to you and whichever is most important focus it more and repeat it at least thrice, so as to highlight it.

  • Mind you tone- never argue or fight, there should be an understanding in your tone, Understanding as in, try to realize that the person on other side of table has also few constraints, they too have people who would question them.

  • Never give ultimatums- negotiating on the thought that ‘either change according to me or forget me’ is okay but that has to be presented in a polished way and avoid ultimatums, as it may piss them off and you might lose it.

  • Acquaint yourself with the job- before jumping into negotiations, make yourself aware of your responsibilities, expectations from you and the work atmosphere that would be there, because these are things you won’t be able to change, if they don’t suit you let go the job offer. Research about the company and what highest they have been offering to people of same qualification as yours so as to have a benchmark on what to demand.

Beyond all these, it all depends upon your needs but just remember do not rush, or carry out a short conversation, though it is well known that women do not negotiate but move past this gender bias, if you feel the need, do it, but do not overdo or just for the sake of doing it as it could be perceived as ‘ego’, hope these might help you.

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