How to put in 100% effort into everything you do (Even when you don’t want to)

For all moms out there getting to do what you like is now a hypothetical or in other words an ideal situation. Our life has become so stressful either it be the long due project to be submitted at the college or the presentation which your boss has asked you to prepare for the upcoming meeting or the absence of your maid has forced you lead a life taking stress at the workplace and returning back home where there is another set of troubles worrying you. But still that is what life is meant to be lived. Rather than asking yourself that why is this happening to me you should introspect and question that How to put 100% effort into everything you do and I am sure you will be amazed by the answers as it would provide you with some self understanding and promote you in living a satisfied life.

In today’s world, it has become a habit of nagging and complaining about everything that goes against the plan. The world in which we live has numerous people who spend about 2/3
of their life complaining about each and every small thing like electricity, or the bus not coming on time so think if any serious trouble hits them than what will happen to them.

If everything went about as we would have planned then life would have been a bed of roses without any thorns and no one would have worked hard to achieve their dreams. Time is a powerful weapon which makes you understand the harsh realities of life. If you like anything then all of you would agree with me on this then completing it won’t be an issue, but trying to complete what you don’t like is the test of time, it makes a judgment of your character and how responsible you can be in times of harsh times when it is against your will.

How to put in 100% effort into everything you do

  • Try to have a positive attitude. Attitude determines a lot about your potentials. Attitude determines what you are made of. Even though you are assigned with a task that does not interests you still having a positive and strong outlook towards the task will make it a happy journey of completing the task and make you learn something new.

  • Every lesson in life makes you grow as a person. It teaches you something about yourself and about the people around you. So even if you don’t like anything take the task as a lesson for yourself and make it a memorable lesson and you would be amazed by the lessons it teaches you about yourself and understanding your self is a lesson worth attending even if you don’t like it.

  • Always try to strive for excellence. Shoot for the moon and even if you don’t reach the moons, at least you could land on the stars. So try to be sincere and dedicated towards the task assigned to you. Being loyal and honest towards your work is a quality most desirable in today’s time.

  • Give your 100% towards the task at hand. Whatever you can put in the task for its successful completion, you should never be hesitant in doing that. You may think that you are going overboard or working extra hard but if you really love your work then you wouldn’t have any such doubts.

And at the end the conclusion would be that even if you don’t like anything then just take responsibility and be professional and complete it because in today’s world respect is given to those who respect their work.

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