Single Mom Financial Help Interview: Meet Liz Prelich!

How Single Mom Liz Prelich Keeps to her Goals

We’d like you to meet the amazing Liz Prelich! Liz does it all: from work to education to parenting! Find out her story and how she manages everything in her daily life:

Q: Introduce Yourself.

Liz and Kids

Liz and Kids

A: My name is Liz Prelich, and I am a 29 year old single mother and I have three children, aged 3, 6 and 8. I live in the Hilton Head Island Area in South Carolina. I would have been married for almost 10 years last May, but my Ex-husband and I just separated 6 months ago. I work full time, and have been going back to school to get a degree in Project Management and Business.  I currently work as a office manager at a Restoration Company.

Q:What is the biggest challenge you remember and how did you overcome it?

A: My biggest challenge was being the lead of all aspects of my life and my kids’ lives. However, due to the relationship I was in, I was already in charge in almost everything. Due to this challenge, I have gotten to know myself more and have leapt into things I never would have imagined. Additionally, I’ve been giving myself more grace and have gotten to believe that I am not a failure — I’m actually a success as a single mother.

Q:What was your biggest disappointment?

A: My biggest disappointment was that my husband didn’t put as much effort as I did. To get to the place I am now, I have had to be capable and willing to take what I deserve.

Q:Are there any organizations that helped you financially or otherwise?

A: Most of the help my family has received has been through local organizations. I have had to seek out most of the help that I have gotten. My local church and social service workers have been very helpful. I received help in various items from groceries to furniture to school uniforms. The most important thing about reaching out is knowing that you have a community that is willing to help you.

It is important to let yourself be vulnerable and tell yourself you know that you can’t do it by yourself. It’s okay to be humbled and allow people to help you.

Q:What is one of your biggest worries for the future?

A: Not being able to provide for my kids. I want to make sure that I am self sufficient and able to provide for my kids.

Q:What is one your biggest strengths?

A: My positive outlook. I also have the ability to provide and move forward. I’ve even surprised myself at my ability to fight through anything.

Q:Any financial advice you have for other single mothers?

A: Budget. My sibling has helped me set up a spreadsheet in which I can keep track of my budget. By planning it all out, it makes the formidable task look possible. I need to make sure that I know where I am financially every month, and this spreadsheet really helps with that.

Q:How much does Education matter to you?

A: I am currently taking online courses from a college 2 hours away. It is a course designed for adult professionals, so it has a very flexible schedule. The courses I take are challenging, but not impossible. I can decide my schedule for myself and take it in little chunks. I know it will benefit me in the future and will help in whatever I choose to do.

Q:What is one of your fondest memories?

A: Watching my children and their happiness. I love watching them play together. This process that is designed to destroy us is bringing us together and I’m very thankful for that.

Q:Are there are words of wisdom you’d like to give other single mothers?

A: Never give up. Also prioritize yourself. Don’t lose yourself and learn what makes you happy. Additionally, you are not alone: there are plenty of single moms out there and we all go through the same things.


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