Raising kids in a slow economy is tough, but when you are doing it without the aid of another income or another adult, sometimes making ends meet is nearly impossible. The state offers Arkansas State Assistance For Single Mothers to help cover that gap and make life a little more comfortable.

Financial Assistance

Childcare – Single moms who are in school full time or work for at least 30 hours a week may qualify for childcare assistance through the Department of Human Services (//www.arkansas.gov/). Arkansas Better Chance is a program developed to help pay for childcare for families on Transitional Employee Assistance or who are in lower income brackets. Other options for affordable childcare include public preschool options and church-based daycare. In-home daycare is usually more affordable than care in a daycare center.

Healthcare Whether you are in need of insurance for yourself or your kids, you might find a state based program to help. If your employer offers insurance, this is usually the best option, but if not, ARKids First is a state-sponsored health insurance program designed to ensure that all kids in Arkansas receive health care, even if they do not qualify for Medicaid. Contact ARKids at 1-888-474-8275 or see //www.arkidsfirst.com/home.htm for more information. Low-income families may be able to get health care for the entire family through the state’s Medicaid program (https://www.medicaid.state.ar.us/).

Arkadelphia: There are multiple health clinics available for low-income families. Luckily, there is an organization that is dedicated to finding all of them near you. Healthcare is often sacrificed because of its high cost, but now with affordable health, you can live stress-free.

Housing Help for You

Rent Assistance – Single moms who need help putting a roof over their heads may qualify for the HUD Housing Choice Voucher Program, which helps needy families find a way to buy a home. Some areas also have subsidized apartments offered through HUD, which give lower income families a place to live at a reduced rate (//www.hud.gov/local/).

Little Rock: Keeping up with bills is hard enough, especially off of one income. Luckily, there are many organizations dedicated to helping low-income families. They help with rent, food, unemployment and any basic necessities so your family can live stress-free!

Government Assistance for Single Mothers in Arkansas

Food and Supplies – The Arkansas Department of Health offers several programs to ensure that families of all income levels are eating nutritious foods. The state’s Woman, Infants and Children (WIC) program offers supplemental, nutritious foods to lower income pregnant mothers and families with children under the age of five. The Department of Human Services offers the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps – Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program), which is available to people of all ages who meet certain income requirements. When you need temporary help buying food and household supplies to get through a tight month, look on the Arkansas Foodbank Network (//www.arkansasfoodbank.org/) to see if there is a food bank in your area.

Transportation – Single moms who have been living on welfare but wish to transition to the work world can participate in the Transitional Employment Assistance Transportation program, which will arrange for transportation to work or school. Call 1-800-482-8988 for more information. If your family qualifies for Medicaid, call 1-888-987-1200 to find out about non-emergency Medicaid transportation to help you get access to medical care.


Programs for Single Mothers in Arkansas

Educational Grants – After filling out the FAFSA and exploring your federal grant options, check out the Arkansas Department of Higher Education website (//www.adhe.edu/Pages/home.aspx) to learn of any aid options for state schools. Also be sure to research school scholarships for more financial assistance options.

Additionally, there is also an Arkansas mentors program, that helps single mothers and their families through the help of community members who are acting as volunteers. This mentors program may be located close to you.


Home-Buying Assistance for Single Mothers in Arkansas

If you are looking for a better place to raise your children, you may have considered buying a home. While many houses may seem out of reach, there are many programs that can help you buy the perfect home for your family. The Arkansas Development Finance Authority has several options for single moms who need help with getting enough money together for a down payment.


Habitat for Humanity also has home ownership opportunities in Arkansas. Check with your local field office for upcoming dates to fill out an application for consideration. Habitat for Humanity homes are offered at affordable rates with zero percent down at the time of purchase. If you already own a home that is n need of repairs, Habitat for Humanity may also be able to provide you with assistance.

Employment Assistance for Single Mothers in Arkansas

For single moms who are hoping to transition from public assistance to full-time work, the Transitional Employment Assistance Program is designed to help. This program provides training assistance and help with transportation in addition to each family’s monthly cash allowance. Childcare is also available, making it easier to afford going to work every day. This program allows single moms to transition to full-time employment while still maintaining financial security.

Early Childhood Assistance for Single Mothers in Arkansas

Giving your kids the best start in life is important to you, and there are many state programs that can help you give your children jump-start on their education. Arkansas has several programs, including an arts and literature program to kindergarten readiness, to help your child get the support he or she needs. Arkansas Head Start offers assistance and early intervention for children from birth to five years old who live in a low-income household. To apply, you will need to contact the office in your area.

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