Among all other states of the Union, the cost of living in California is the highest. Perhaps that’s the reason why single moms in this coastal state often struggle financially. However, the good thing is that California State Assistance For Single Mothers California State Assistance For Single Mothers is available when moms find they need a little extra help raising their kids.

Financial Assistance in California


San Francisco: In the updated city of San Francisco, where all people do is work, childcare can just as expensive as buying a house there, so luckily there are programs for low-income families to have the childcare that wallets deserve, so single moms can work stress-free and earn for the family.

Without a safe place to send your children, finding time to work is almost impossible. CalWORKS, the state’s welfare program, offers a child care assistance program to needy families. This temporary program aims to help families get back on their feet after a difficult time by helping with access to quality childcare while they make a transition. Once your kids are in school, look for after school programs or babysitting swapping opportunities.


Los Angeles: In the city where almost all celebrities live, healthcare doesn’t have to be as high as the buildings there. This organization founded by the government provides health care for low-income families so that they can finally get something that many people have to sacrifice.

The people of California recognize that single moms often struggle to buy health insurance for their kids, even when they make too much money to qualify for Medicare, so they offer CaliforniaKids Healthcare program, a non-profit organization offering healthcare options for kids from age 2 through 18. Some families may qualify for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) or the state’s Medicaid program

Housing Assistance in California

Rent Assistance

The state’s Department of Housing and Community Development oversees around 20 programs to help businesses and community leaders develop housing options that aid needy families in finding a place to stay. In addition, HUD offers rental assistance and the housing vouchers program to help lower income families afford their rent or mortgage. Find out more at //

Sacremento: Sacremento, the capital of California, offers a lot of help to single moms and low-income families. Rent can become very high in a tech state like California, and this organization is here to provide programs your lives can be a lot more laid back.

Government Assistance for California Single Moms

Food and Supplies

California offers a food stamps program to low-income families. Pregnant women, children under the age of five or moms who are breastfeeding can get nutritious supplemental food through the state’s WIC program. The state has an extensive network of food banks as well, offering low-cost food and household supplies to needy families and the state’s many single moms.

This is another excellent food stamp program for low-income families. This program provides benefits each month which you can use to purchase food items so as to ensure your family members get requisite nutrition. With these food stamps, you can purchase all kinds of consumable food products. However, you aren’t allowed to buy cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and paper products. To avail the benefits of CalFresh, you should stay in California as well as be employed in the state.



Caltrain, the state’s major public transportation agency, offers an affordable option for people who need help getting around town. Most public transportation is centered in major cities. There are also many city buses that are good sources of transport. Another option is light rails. However, the best medium of transport in California is a car.

California Head Start 

The primary objective of Head Start program is to ensure and enhance social, cognitive as well as an emotional development of every child coming from families with not so high incomes. The child should not be more than 5 years of age. Apart from emphasizing upon your role as a parent and the first teacher of your child, the program also aims to provide literacy and language support. Head Start program helps to build up a healthy relationship between the family members in a bid to ensure the well-being of one and all. If your income falls below the Federal poverty level, you can seek the benefits of Early Head Start program. In addition to infants and toddlers, pregnant women are also eligible for Early Head Start program.

Programs To Look for

Educational Grants

Sometimes bettering your family’s situation is impossible without further education. To find money to aid you in paying for school, file the FAFSA to apply for federal student grants. Also, talk to the financial aid department of the school you are considering, asking if there are any grants or scholarships available specifically for single parents or women. The California Student Aid Commission (// is an excellent resource to use when looking for state-specific grants or scholarships.

There is also a new program called the family independence program (FI). This is a limited time program that works to help families with children that cannot provide for their basic needs. Low income families are eligible for this service and things like monthly stipend and jobs are provided.

Developed by the California Department of Education and California State University in alliance with California Community Colleges (CCC) and Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU), this website provides comprehensive information about higher education in California.

Infants and Mothers Program

The infants and mothers program is also another popular program that is offered in the state of California. This mostly helps with costs of pregnancy for single mothers who may need some extra financial help for the delivery of their baby.

The AIM program is perfect for you if you are tight on money and aren’t currently using any other grant or service to receive financial help during your pregnancy.

This grant is great because it is tailored towards a specific audience and can be good for you if you need some extra help during maternity. Take a look also at the eligibility requirements for the grant.

For more information visit: // Also, visit their social network pages which have great information about how to proceed.

Contact Info:
Access for Infants and Mothers Program
P.O. Box 15559
Sacramento, CA 95852-0559

 Middle-Class Scholarship

Update: July 6th 2013

There is good news for prospective students applying to California universities. The state of California is proposing new discounts for families to pay for college.

The current situation not only in the state of California but the U.S is that many people are deep into debt and loans because they aren’t able to pay their fees for a college education as the price hikes higher and higher each year. Often times, this also discourages people from trying to pursue higher education.

Here is the fix:

The state of California is offering financial aid for families who make less than $150,000 to pay for their own or their child’s education. This is good news for single mothers who either want to go back to school for a university education OR to single mothers trying to put their kids through college. This is good for middle-income families who aren’t able to afford college along with other monthly payments and obligations. This takes away the need and dependence of loans because now fewer people will have to put themselves through the tedious loan cycle.

The program will begin in 2014 and benefit rising high school seniors the most. This is an addition to the already existing Cal grants (for lower income families). The plan will be in full effect by 2017. Middle-income families who were exempt from Cal grants can use this new discount for their uses. This will help pay up to 40% of a prospective college student’s tuition.

This plan is also opening many opportunities for students. Students, who once turned away or cringed at the name “University” due to the high prices, can now reconsider and think of schools they actually may like to attend. The state hopes that finances aren’t a factor for students wishing to apply to California schools.

How to apply:

Apply as you would for any other grant or scholarship. This means FAFSA (Free Financial Aid application). Once you make an FAFSA account, you have the option to apply for this type of aid as well (granted that you are eligible). The state hopes to help 130,000 undergraduates per year once this new plan is introduced. You must also be either an existing UC or Cal State student or a prospective student. The only other requirement is that the student has maintained at least a C average through high school.

Find out other state help in other states.

Resources to find out more:


 Source: Mercury News 


California State Assistance is available if you look. These programs range from financial help to housing help to even grants and scholarship help. If you need something beyond the basic TANF assistance, check out the resources on this page and surely you can be directed to something specific that is useful in your situation. For your kids, make sure to look into CalWorks and California Kids most definitely as they may be able to help you in the direction you need.

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