Hawaii may be paradise, but when you are raising your kids on your own it can seem a little less than perfect. Thankfully, there is help for single moms in Hawaii, the state offers several programs to help life go a little more smoothly.

Honolulu: In the capital of such a tropical state, there are many organizations willing to help. Being a single mom is tough and luckily womensfundhawaii knows that and are here to help.

Financial Assistance

Childcare – When you start looking for childcare for your children so you can work or go to school, you will quickly find that it will eat up most of your family’s budget. Hawaii’s PATCH program helps families with budgetary needs afford quality childcare by pointing them to the appropriate childcare subsidies in the State Department of Human Services. More information about the various childcare assistance programs that offer help for single moms in Hawaii can be found at the PATCH website,

Healthcare – If your employer does not offer health care, you may qualify for one of Hawaii’s two medical assistance programs. The QUEST-ACE program is available for adults who do not have healthcare and meet certain income requirements. If you make too much money to qualify for QUEST, you may be able to get coverage for your children and yourself through the Transitional Medical Assistance Program (TMA). For more information about the state’s medical coverage options, visit the QUEST website.

Government Assistance – Where to Look

Food and Supplies – Putting healthy food on the table is an important concern for single moms. Needy families can get help buying food through the Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNAP). Those who do not qualify for SNAP may find affordable pantry supplies through a local food bank. Families with preschool children can get vouchers for some supplemental food through Hawaii’s WIC program.

Transportation – Because of all of the tourism throughout the islands of Hawaii, the public transportation network runs very smoothly. If you do not have access to a car or wish to avoid the traffic jams that are common on the island, learn about the transportation options in your area.

Housing Assistance

Rent Assistance – Each island has its own rental assistance programs. If you are struggling to pay your rent, contact the office on your island. You can find links to them on the Department of Health website. The Housing and Community Development Corporation of Hawaii manages the state’s public housing options, which can also be of service to needy families. There are also many Public Housing Vouchers as well. Single mothers with low incomes will also be able to rent apartments for cheaper. This is also another option to take a look at if you are thinking about housing and rent help in Hawaii.

Programs for Single Mothers in Hawaii

Educational Grants – Sometimes getting another degree or finishing one you started is the key to bettering your family’s financial situation, and with online schools and flexible course schedules this is possible for single moms. However, money typically limits a mom’s ability to go back to school. The University of Hawaii offers a website that will help potential students, including moms, find scholarships and grants specific to the state of Hawaii.


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