Financial Assistance

No one ever said raising kids would be easy, but when you are doing it by yourself it can seem like an impossible task. When you need a little extra support to help you care for your kids, the State of Indiana has several programs you can rely on.


Finding safe childcare is the first step toward heading back to school or landing a good paying job. Quality childcare assistance is available for needy families through the Child Care Development Fund. If you do not qualify for this type of help, contact church and home based daycare centers in your area to find affordable childcare.


For most families, the most affordable solution to their healthcare needs is taking the healthcare offered by an employer. If this is not possible for you, consider purchasing healthcare for your kids under the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP // Hoosier Healthwise offers healthcare coverage for families with children or pregnant women in them. If you have been uninsured for up to six months and have an income of $44,000 for a family of four, you might be able to get healthcare through the Healthy Indiana Plan. These and other forms of Indian healthcare assistance are discussed at //

Indiana Hoosier Healthwise

Hoosier Healthwise is basically a health insurance program that extends its benefits to pregnant women, children and low-income families of Indiana State. Individuals enrolled in this program get healthcare benefits at a very low cost. Apart from choosing a doctor for regular checkups, the participants of this program can also avail other services as dental and vision care, mental health services and family planning services.

Government Assistance

Food and Supplies

Sometimes single moms have to choose between buying food and other necessary expenses. If you are struggling to put food on the table, consider applying for the state’s Food Stamp Program (// To apply for food stamps, there are some financial and nonfinancial criteria that you must meet. In Indiana, you can apply by your county. This is helpful because you can apply locally and go to the office and talk to them from time to time. Usually they are very helpful and can help guide you through the process. WIC (// offers supplemental nutrition for families with young children who might not qualify for the Food Stamp Program. Another source of affordable food is a local food pantry or food bank

Indiana Food Stamp Program

This program is funded by the Federal government and administered by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Services. However, in the state of Indiana, the Food Stamp Program is managed by the Family and Social Services Administration. The primary objective of this program is to provide nutritious meals to every citizen of Indiana. There is no discrimination with respect to sex, color, race, religion, age, disability, political views or national origin. Low-income families are provided food coupons so that they can purchase any consumable food item.

Indiana Special Milk Program

This program is available in all the schools, childcare centers and camps which don’t participate in any of the Federal government funded child nutritious meal services. Institutions where School Breakfast Program or National School Lunch program are available can also participate in Special Milk Program (SMP), but the benefits of this program will be offered to pre-kindergarten and half-day kindergarten kids who cannot get school meals. The participating schools are reimbursed milk.


The first step in finding reliable transportation is checking into any public transportation options in your area. IndyGo (// offers help for single mothers to locate an option near you. Sometimes swapping a service, like babysitting, for a ride is another option when you do not have your own car.

Single Mothers can get Housing Assistance

Rent Assistance

If you are struggling to make ends meet, paying your monthly rent or mortgage may seem impossible. The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (// operates several help for single mothers programs in Indiana to help keep their kids in a warm, safe home. Programs include Section 8 vouchers, rent assistance, and public housing.

Energy Assistance for Single Mothers in Indiana

Indiana Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

This program provides funds to families, with not so high income, to pay off their energy bills during winter months. Non-payment of bills often compel the energy providers to shut off the heating services. In the summer months, LIHEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program) also provides funds to purchase fans.

Other programs to Check Out

Educational Grants

Night school and online degrees make it more possible than ever before for single moms to get a college education. If you are considering heading back to school, check out the State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana (SSACI: // to learn about state specific grants and scholarships. Do not forget to fill out the FAFSA to determine if you get any federal aid.


Indiana State Department of Health

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2014 New Information for Indiana Single Moms

Sometimes you just can’t make ends meet as a single mom in Indiana. Whether it is due to an emergency situation, or your budget just falls short of meeting your needs and keeping a roof over your head, there is help out there. Before you go anywhere else, pay a visit to your Township Trustee. Every county in Indiana is divided up into cities or villages and every city or village is divided up into townships. Each township has a “poor relief fund” managed by the Township Trustee. This fund is to assist people in the township who are living in poverty, though it is not means to be used on a repetitive basis. However, the trustee will often require you to visit or at least offer you a list of resources in your area. Many times these resources combine to assist those who need it on an emergency basis.

Free Dental Services

There are several free dental clinics in Indiana, but there tend to be more free dental clinics in Indianapolis than anywhere else. If you don’t have insurance, your insurance doesn’t include dental procedures, or you just can’t afford the co-pay, it doesn’t hurt to look into free dental clinics. Tooth pain is not only uncomfortable, but since it indicates an infection, it also means that your blood is being poisoned. You should also apply for state insurance because it does cover most dental procedures with the exception of purely cosmetic ones.

Domestic Battery Help

Some men see a single mother as a victim, someone that needs help. There are those who prey on single mothers and feel free to abuse them, thinking they will never leave. Even if you don’t live with them, being stalked can be scary and it’s a situation you need to get out of. The Caring Place, based in Valparaiso, Indiana has an excellent staff that can offer you even long term help in some cases and they don’t just serve the Valparaiso area. Contact them at 1-800-933-0466

When you need to get help, start with the larger state agencies and work your way to the local level. In many cases the larger agencies share resources when the local ones are not aware of resources that are available. If you need emergency assistance, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Once you and your children are safe and have your basic needs met, you can start working toward reaching a long term goal.


Hopefully you are in awe about the wondrous opportunities available to a single mother living in Indiana. Make sure to pay close attention to the dental and housing assistance in Indiana and use this page as a wondrous resource if you are ever in the need of anything in the state of Indiana. Additionally, make sure to make use of, the one stop shop for all your state needs. Be sure to ask for any help to ensure you are getting the most aid you are eligible for!

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