As the economic situation continues to decline, single moms are hurt the hardest. As you work to balance a career and life as a mom, consider these resources you can use to help cover the gaps for your family. Maryland offers a lot of help for single mothers:

Financial Assistance:  Single Mothers in Maryland

Annapolis – Normally, when you are a single mother, you think that you are alone and there is no help out there. Luckily, there are many meet ups that you can go to where single parents can bond and help each other out.


If you find that you cannot afford to pay for childcare for your kids while you work, consider looking into the Child Care Subsidy program (CCS). This offers single moms in Maryland help paying for childcare in a variety of settings, including family home care centers, traditional childcare centers, and even informal care, which occurs in the home of a friend or relative but not necessarily in a daycare setting.


Access to healthcare is fundamental to keeping your kids safe as they grow. The Maryland Medical Assistance Program (Medicaid) offers several options for low-income families who need health care. This is a great program to look into that offers a lot of benefits. You can find more information at // If you have uninsured kids but do not qualify for the traditional Medicaid program, consider applying for the Maryland Children’s Health Program, which offers coverage for children under the age of 19.

Baltimore- There is a lot of assistance available in regards to healthcare; especially for low-income families. Healthcare is often sacrificed by single mothers, but luckily, you can finally have it now!

Maryland Child and Adult Care Food Program

The program reimburses food to all childcare and adult daycare centers in addition to family childcare organizations that serve meals and snacks. After-school childcare centers participating in Maryland Child and Adult Care Food Program also get cash reimbursement. The meals should comply with the nutritional standards outlined by the Federal government.

Maryland Head Start

This program aims to prepare kids, below the age of 5, for the school. Parent is the first and best teacher for a child. However, in a bid to make ends meet, you often aren’t able to spend enough time. Head Start program motivates parents to increase interaction with their kids and thereby accelerate social, emotional and cognitive development. The program also works in intricate areas of child development like language and literacy. With full-fledged parental support, the child is able to understand and respect close family bonds.

If your income is below Federal poverty level, you can avail the benefits of Early Head Start. In addition to infants and toddlers, this program also extends support to pregnant women.

Maryland Medical Assistance Program

Also popularly known as Medicaid, this program is funded by the Federal government along with Maryland State government. It helps low-income families to pay off their medical bills. If you are enrolled in programs like Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA), Supplement Security Income (SSI) or Foster Care, you automatically become eligible for Medicaid. Apart from poor families, pregnant women, children and old, blind and disabled adults can also avail the benefits of this program. Despite of being covered by health insurance provided by private companies, your eligibility for Medicaid remains valid. To know more about the privileges of Maryland Medical Assistance Program, get in touch with the Local Department of Social Services.

Help by The Government

Food and Supplies

The Maryland Supplemental Nutrition Program offers vouchers that needy residents can use to purchase healthy food for their families. Other programs you can use to help you purchase food and supplies include the state’s WIC Program, which is available to families with preschool children or babies in the home, and cash assistance through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program. If you just find yourself facing a difficult week or month, contact a local food pantry for help.


 Maryland has a rather extensive public transportation option for those who need help getting to and from work or school. The Department of Transportation has a list of these here: // You might also be able to get a ride with a coworker who lives near you if you have regular work hours.

Maryland Housing Help

Rent Assistance

Maryland offers several rental assistance programs that the state’s single moms may use to help them find safe, affordable housing for their families. The Maryland Rental Allowance Program provides monthly rent assistance to needy families for up to 12 months. The Section 8 Voucher program allows ongoing rental assistance for needy families throughout the state.

Energy Assistance for Single Moms in Maryland

Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP)

If paying off your energy bills is becoming an ordeal for you, spend some time learning about Maryland Energy Assistance Program. It is an excellent program that provides assistance in bill payment and repair of refrigerators as well as furnaces.

Programs in Maryland

Education Grants

Returning to school is possible, even while juggling the needs of a family and work. If you find a way to work school into your busy schedule, visit the Maryland College Access Challenge Grant Program to learn about local grant and scholarship options. Also, be sure to file the FAFSA to apply for any federal aid options, and talk to your school’s financial aid department about local scholarships you may qualify to receive.Many universities in Maryland are willing to help financially if you are eligible.


Congratulations to all the lucky Maryland residents! Maryland is a great place to live and even greater because there is a lot of state assistance that is offered in Maryland. Remember, you can find assistance in many different places. There are numerous programs for single mothers in Maryland, including rent and transpiration assistance.


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