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The only way single moms can head to work without worry is by knowing their children are taken care of in a quality childcare setting. When the budget does not allow for quality childcare, the DHS Child Development and Care Program may be able to help. If you need childcare so you can work or finish high school, you may qualify for assistance. The requirements are strict, but if you match, you can get the help. Mostly, the childcare assistance goes to those who work or go back to school to provide for their family.


The state of Michigan offers a few programs to single moms that can help them get access to quality medical care for themselves or their children (//www.michigan.gov/dhs/html). The Healthy Kids program offers help to pregnant women, children, and teens. Families who make too much to get Healthy Kids may qualify for coverage for their children through MIChild. Medicaid is available to anyone of a certain income amount. The Transitional Medical Assistance, Low Income Family, and Transitional Medical Assistance Plus may help single moms get coverage for themselves.\

Detriot – If you are a black single mother, BLACDetriot is here to help. They provide health care programs for low-income families so you and your family can be healthy again!

Housing Help in Michigan

Rent Assistance

Keeping a roof over your family’s head can be a burden when you are living on one income. The state of Michigan with the help of HUD offers a few choices for rent assistance. Housing Choice Vouchers allow single moms to choose the best housing option for their families. Section 8 housing provides an affordable choice for the neediest families.

Lansing – Keeping up with rent can often be difficult with just one income, but luckily there is help! The Salvation Army in Lansing is here to help provide assistance for rent. Now you can have a roof over your head without stress.

Michigan Head Start

The chief aim of this program is to prepare children up to 5 years of age for school. In addition to enhancing social, emotional and cognitive skills, the program aims to help the child in the areas of language and literacy. Head Start program considers parents as the first and best teacher for kids and encourages them to increase involvement and interaction with their child. Increased parental support helps to foster family bonds.

Michigan Medicaid Health Care Program

Low-income families seldom have resources to buy all-inclusive medical and health insurance. Michigan Medicaid Health Care Program, also called Medicaid, provides medical assistance to such individuals. The program also serves pregnant women, kids in foster-care centers, poor families with young children, old people above 65 years, blind or disabled people and individuals below 21 years admitted in psychiatric medical centers.

Michigan School Breakfast and Lunch Program

Both School Breakfast and National School Lunch Programs provide funds to the participating school for offering nutritious meals to kids each day. The meals have to adhere to the nutritional standards set by the Federal and Michigan State governments. Additional funds are provided to schools to serve meals to kids coming from low-income families.

Government Assistance

Food and Supplies

Sometimes single mothers simply cannot make ends meet on one income. The Family Independence Program offers temporary cash assistance provide help for single mothers. Michigan also offers a Food Assistance Program and WIC to needy families who need help buying healthy foods.


 Both urban and rural areas throughout Michigan have quality public transportation options that give single moms an affordable way to get around town. When these do not provide the services a mom needs, carpooling or finding transportation through an area church is probably the best choice.

Energy Assistance for Single Mothers in Michigan

Michigan Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

If you fulfil the requirements of State Emergency Relief, you may become eligible for Michigan Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program too. It will help you to pay off your energy bills. This program is also beneficial for funding Home Heating Credit (HHC) which is managed by Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) and Department of Treasury in Michigan.

Other Aid Programs

College Grants

 Online classes and flexible degree programs make it possible now more than ever before for single moms to return to school. Finishing a degree can make getting a better paying job a reality. The Student Financial Aid Department offers information about potential aid programs that Michigan’s single moms can use to help offset the cost of returning to school. In addition, single moms should file the FAFSA and apply for any federal aid they qualify to receive. Also be sure to research school scholarships for more financial assistance options. There is also a student aid department at the University of Michigan that can be checked out for students wishing to apply there.

House Counseling

If you are at the risk of losing your home, don’t worry. There are many house counseling programs available for the state of Michigan. There are many organizations which you can go to and they will provide you personalized help. A particular program is called: Detroit Non- Profit Housing Corporation.


8904 Woodward Avenue, Suite 279
Detroit, MI 48202




Fresh Information for Single Moms in Michigan!

There are many great resources available in Michigan for single moms and their families. Here is some more recent information that may be of use to you as you navigate the world of single parenthood.

Child Care and Child Health Resources

Early On Michigan is a resource providing assistance for children from zero to 36 months hold who may be experiencing developmental delays. Assistance with disabilities like blindness, deafness, autism and a variety of other conditions are among those you may find support in dealing with. It also provides assistance for their families.

Michigan Friend OF the Court Handbook is a resource available to single moms and others who need assistance navigating the legal system. It provides useful information on the child support system in particular.

Housing Options

Michigan Habitat for Humanity is a Christian-based, nonprofit organization that builds affordable housing in partnership with those who are in need of it. Volunteers work with the recipient family to build the home while corporate and local donors provide materials. The homes are sold to the families for the cost with no fees, profit or interest tacked on. If you are willing to work on your own home, you can contact them to see if services are available in your part of Michigan.

Education Resources

Michigan Education Saving Program is a state-sponsored savings program that can help you save for college while deferring taxes on the money you put into the plan. This can be set up for you or your children.

Scholarship Assistance for Single Mothers

General scholarships and grants are often awarded based on merit to single moms seeking to pursue a degree in Michigan.

The Michigan Merit Award rewards achievement in high school with funds to help pay for college. An additional resource under this program is the Michigan Promise Scholarship which provides funds to those who have completed both the Michigan Merit Award Exam and the ACT.

The Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship is another option. The scholarship is federally funded and state-administered and recognizes those high school seniors who have performed well and show promise of continuing to do so. Each state has its own administrators and those for Michigan can be found on the website.

The Michigan Educational Opportunity Grant offers an annually renewable grant of $1000 to those who qualify.

Michigan’s Tuition Grant is a need-based grant, which provides up to the full costs of university tuition and fees, to students who reside in Michigan (as of July 1 of the preceding year).


Consider yourself lucky if you live in the great state of Michigan! Michigan is great — especially for those who want to go back to school and get some scholarship opportunities. Make use of the different scholarships listed on this page (Michigan Merit, Byrd Honors, and Michigan Educational Opp. Grant). These are all great for single moms looking to go back to school. Also, Michigan has a great Habitat for Humanity program for those who want to receive housing as well. If you are thinking about any of these programs, be sure to do your full research. You can always find more information by calling them or emailing locations to find the most detailed information available.

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