Financial Help in Mississippi

No one ever said raising kids was easy, but when you are forced to do it without the help of another parent, it becomes even more challenging. Here are some State Help For Single Mothers in Mississippi that may help its single moms with their family’s needs.

Childcare – Childcare assistance is available to some families who have children under the age of 13. In order to get help paying for quality childcare, a single mom must be either participating in Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, at risk of going on TANF, or referred from a TCC program. If you do not qualify for the state’s childcare assistance program, look for an affordable option like a home-based daycare or church daycare program.

Healthcare – When your children are not insured, you constantly worry about their health. If you cannot get health care through your employer, consider looking into one of the state’s aid programs. Medicaid is available to those who are considered low income. Another requirement for Medicaid is that you must live in Mississippi and be a legal citizen of the U.S. Make sure you go apply at your local office for best results. Moderate income families can get coverage for their kids through the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP). Children with chronic illnesses may qualify for the Children’s Medical Program, and women can get breast and cervical cancer preventative care through the state.

Ashland – If you are having any problems concerning health, come to Benton Medical Center. They provide affordable health care for abuse, mental illness and much more.

Housing Assistance for Single Mothers in Mississippi

Rent Assistance – The state of Mississippi works with HUD to offer rent assistance programs to its neediest residents. These programs include the Housing Choice voucher program, rent assistance, Section 8 housing, and home ownership helps. If you cannot afford your rent or mortgage, take advantage of one of these programs to keep your family sheltered.

Gulfport – There is a lot of assistance for single mothers in Gulfport. they help with good, criminal justice, rent and much more! All of these organizations are here to help so you can be stress-free.

Government Assistance for Single Mothers in Mississippi

Food and Supplies – Single moms who struggle to put food on the table can get help through the Mississippi Department of Human Services. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program offers money that is used to purchase food for the family. Families with very young children may be able to get even more help through Mississippi’s WIC Program. Others can find affordable food through the Mississippi Food Network.

Transportation – Reliable transportation is the key to holding down a good job and caring for your family properly. As you work towards providing your own transportation, take advantage of public transportation options available to you through the state. You can also work with other people in the community to find a carpool or ride share opportunities.


Programs for Single Mothers in Mississippi

College Grants – When a single mom decides to go back to school, financial aid is a must. The first place to look for financial aid is the federal government by filing the FAFSA. Then, talk to the financial aid department at the school you wish to attend. You can find out about Mississippi-specific college grants at // Also be sure to research school scholarships for more financial assistance options. Even the University of Mississippi has great grants and information for aid if you are interested.

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