Assistance for Mothers in Missouri

Life as a single mom is never easy, and when you need a little extra support, Missouri State Assistance For Single Mothers consists of many programs you can use. 

Childcare – In Missouri, some single mothers can get assistance in paying for childcare so they can attend school, work training, or work outside of the home through the Child Care Assistance Program.  The childcare is available in home-based and daycare settings that are registered with the Department of Family Services. Eligibility is based on income, and some portion of the childcare expenses may be the family’s responsibility. Other options for affordable childcare include home-based daycares and church-sponsored programs.

Healthcare – When health care is not offered by your employer and you have limited income, Missouri offers several options to help you pay for healthcare for yourself or your kids. Those in low-income categories can qualify for the state’s Medicaid program. Some who do not qualify for Medicaid can get coverage for their kids through the MO HealthNet Children’s Health Insurance Program. More information on these programs can be found on the Department of Social Services website (//

St. Louis – There are many organizations ready to help low-income families, especially when it comes to healthcare. These organizations know that a lot of low-income families have to sacrifice healthcare and they are here to help.

Housing Assistance

Rent Assistance – Sometimes becoming a single mom happens suddenly and you are left wondering how to make ends meet. If you need help putting a roof over your head, look into the rent assistance options Missouri offers with the help of HUD assistance.These include public housing, housing choice vouchers, and subsidized apartments. Here is a list of all the programs and services that you can take a look at for housing help in Missouri: //

Springfield – Keeping up with rent can be tough, especially in such an industrious city like Springfield. Luckily, there are many organizations to help out with rent, and one of them is dedicated to finding them. Getting the dream house couldn’t be easier.

Government Assistance

Food and Supplies – Your kids’ nutrition is highly important to you as a mother. If you are struggling to adequately feed your children, look for an area food bank or church-based food donation program. Some families can get the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to help pay for some of their food costs. Temporary Assistance is a program available to needy families with children to help them stay in their own homes while doing through a difficult financial period. Missouri also has a WIC program for families with young children.

Transportation – If you do not own a car, getting to and from work can be a challenge. Some cities have excellent public transportation options that single moms can use for a source of reliable transportation. Another option would be to split the gas money with a co-worker who has a car and lives near you.


Programs for Single Mothers

College Grants – Returning to school may seem impossible, but with the right grant or scholarship, it could be financially possible. Start looking for these by filing the FAFSA. Then, talk to a counselor at your school’s financial aid department to learn about local grants you may qualify for. Take advantage of any employer-sponsored tuition programs as well.

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