When you are solely responsible for raising your kids, the money you have is sometimes not sufficient. When you need a little extra help, Montana state assistance for single mothers offers several programs you can use to keep your family safe and healthy.

Montana State Assistance for Single Mothers

Childcare – The Department of Health and Human Services offers the “Best Beginnings” Program to certain lower income families who need help paying for quality childcare. The program offers a scholarship to qualifying families so they can have care for their children when they work. For many single moms, this gives them the help they need to be able to keep a steady job. You can try calling : (406) 728-6446, to talk with a representative about childcare.

Healthcare – When you are looking for work or have a job that does not offer benefits, healthcare coverage for your family becomes a huge burden. For some low-income families, Medicaid is an option that covers all healthcare needs. The Healthy Montana Kids offers coverage to Montana children who cannot get Medicaid but also do not have health insurance. This is not a free program, but the co-payment is based on income and is much more affordable than individual family policies.

Missoula – In Missoula, dental care can be expensive, especially from one income. Luckily, it’s no longer a problem, because they have opened many clinics where you can your family can go to have good teeth.

Housing Assistance for Single Mothers in Montana.

Rent Assistance – When you are facing a financial crisis and cannot pay your rent or mortgage, Montana’s Home to Stay program can help. This temporary rental assistance program gives needy families money to allow them to stay in their home. Section 8 is another program that helps Montana’s single moms keep their kids warm and safe. For more information about your housing choices, visit //www.thehrdc.org/housing/rental-assistance/.

Billings – There are many shelters and immediate housing available in Billings. These shelters are just for single moms and females.

Government Assistance for Single Mothers in Montana

Food and Supplies – The Montana Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) aids needy families with purchasing food for their families. Moms of preschool children may be able to get additional help with food through Montana’s WIC Program. Those who are really struggling and cannot purchase their day-to-day needs in addition to food may be able to get assistance through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program for up to 60 months.

Transportation – Even though Montana is largely rural in its makeup, the state has an excellent public transportation system. Thirty-four of the cities have local public transportation, and there are several bus and taxi systems for the rural areas. Check out //www.mdt.mt.gov/travinfo/publictrans.shtml to find out more about public transportation options in your area.

Programs for Single Mothers in Montana

College Grants –  After filing the FAFSA, look into the two state funded college grant programs in Montana, the Montana Higher Education Grant and the Montana Tuition Assistance Program. Visit //www.mgslp.state.mt.us/Grants for more information on these. Also be sure to research school scholarships for more financial assistance options.



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