Whether you live in the city or the mountains, raising a family on your own in New York is a financial struggle. For New York’s many single moms, the state offers several programs that can help them make ends meet. The following categories each have many organizations that you can contact for help.

Financial Assistance in New York

New York City: In such a happening city, single mothers often face difficulty here in keeping up with bills and rent because of its high cost. This organization is dedicated to helping out single parents out in need and is helping families fulfill unmet needs they might have. They have many support systems so you feel like you aren’t the only one and they offer a lot of help out.


In New York, the Office of Children and Family Services provides assistance in locating quality childcare. Those single moms who need help paying for childcare can find it through the Department of Social Services. Eligibility is based on income and family size, as well as the reason childcare is needed. Contact your local Department of Social Services for more information.

Albany: In the upbeat city of Albany in New York, there are meany organizations there to help single mothers out. One organization, called Work-Life, offers a lot of help to low-income families and especially single mothers. They offer childcare, dependent care, and even employee assistance programs. So while you are working or looking for a job, Work-Life will take the stress of your kids or and dependent elders off of your shoulders so you can get earning!


Low-income families who do not have private health insurance through their employer may qualify for New York’s Medicaid program. Medicaid can give individuals state-sponsored health coverage, or it can assist in paying the premiums on available health insurance that may be out of the family’s budget. For more information, visit //www.health.state.ny.us/medicaid/. The state also offers the Family Health Plus Plan for adults whose income is too high to qualify for Medicaid and the Child Health Plus program for qualified children.

Buffalo: In such an independent city life Buffalo, having health care is crucial, especially as a single mother. Interim Healthcare has a lot to provide for single parents as well as low-income families because they know that health care can often be neglected due to its high cost. It is a trusted brand in Buffalo and is dedicated to helping out its community by giving back and helping those out in need.

Government Assistance for Single Mothers in New York

New York State Assistance For Single Mothers

New York State Assistance For Single Mothers

Food and Supplies

When putting nutritious food on the table becomes a daily struggle, the state of New York offers the Food Stamp program. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is a program that offers cash assistance to families going through a transition time, something that often applies to New York’s single mothers. Other programs to help single moms with food and supplies include WIC and many area food banks. Also, temporary cash assistance is available. You can find out more if you call here: 1-718-557-1399.  This cash assistance is a cash grant that you can use for utilities and other expenses.

New York School Breakfast and Lunch Program – Both these programs are funded by the Federal government and they help to provide nutritious meals to kids in public and private not-for-profit schools. Residential childcare centers are also included in the program. The food provided strictly adhere to the nutritional guidelines spelled out by the Federal government. Moreover, the meals are either free of cost or at a highly subsidized rate.

New York Summer Food Service Program – Kids of low-income families face a tough time during summer vacation when they cease to get meals under School Breakfast and National School Lunch programs. New York Summer Food Service program provides meals to all children below 18 years of age during summer vacation. Meals are usually available in sites where there is a high concentration of poor families.

New York Special Milk Program – All those school kids who aren’t receiving meals under the School Breakfast and National School Lunch programs, can participate in New York Special Milk Program. The school will provide them milk as per the nutrition standards fixed by the Federal government. The program will reimburse the schools serving milk each day.

New York Head Start – The Head Start program in New York State aims to provide first-rate educational services to children below the age of 5. Children belonging to low-income families often do not have access to facilities that can help them to get ready for school. Head Start program works to enhance the social, cognitive and emotional skills of the child. Additionally, it also encourages parents to increase involvement and interaction with their kids. Parental support helps to foster family bonds.


Many single moms find that the expense and hassle of owning a car is not worthwhile. The big cities in New York are known for their excellent public transportation options, many of which are quite affordable (//www.apta.com/NewYorkTransitLinks.aspx). Those on Medicaid can get transportation to and from medical appointments through Medicaid. Other options include carpooling in exchange for other services or gas money.

New York Housing Help

Rent Assistance

Keeping a roof over your head should not be a stressful part of life. New York and HUD (//www.hud.gov/local/) offer several rent assistance programs that many single moms can take advantage of, including housing choice vouchers and section 8 housing. The Division of Housing and Community Renewal offers the Rural Rent Assistance Program to those who do not live in the large cities.

Unemployment Assistance for Single Mothers in New York

New York Unemployment Insurance Program – It is an excellent program to receive assistance for a short period of time. If you have lost your job and you are not at fault, you can apply for Unemployment Insurance Program. While you are actively looking for a new job, the benefits of this program will help you to sustain.

Energy Assistance for Single Moms in New York

New York Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program -The primary objective of this program is to help poor families to cope up with their energy expenses. Apart from funding energy bills, LIHEAP helps people to overcome energy crisis and also offer weatherization services in a bid to make homes more energy efficient and thereby reduce energy costs. Get in touch with your energy provider to ascertain your eligibility for this program.

New York Programs to Check Out

College Grants

Being a single mom should not prevent you from pursuing a college degree. There are several grants and scholarships available that can make this a reality. First, file the FAFSA to pursue any federal offerings, then check out this list of New York specific grants.

Safety Net Assistance in New York

If you are Mom and not eligible for any assistance, such as FA (family assistance) you can still apply for Safety Net Assistance in New York, You can find more information at //www.nassaucountyny.gov/agencies/dss/tempassist/index.html. In many ways, this type of assistance is very similar to TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)

If you are eligible for safety net assistance, you will receive cash payments for 24 months and after that, you are still eligible for non-cash payments. These non-cash payments may include vendor checks or vouchers.

The good thing about Safety net assistance is that it is available to a wide audience, such as single adults, childless couples, children living away from adult relatives, families with drug/ alcohol abuse problems, and many other people. If you receive this aid, you must be willing to work and comply with work requirements.

This is a grant to check out, especially if you fit under the category of any of the listed above circumstances.

Applications can be sent to:

Department of Social Services
60 Charles Lindbergh Blvd.
Uniondale, NY  11553

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