Whether you are struggling to pay your bills or simply need help returning to school, the state of Oregon has several programs and options to help single moms. With these programs, you can help your children be happy and healthy as you transition to the role of single parenthood. In the beautiful state of Oregon, the state that is filled with such amazing plants, the state is also filled with help and hope.

Financial Assistance in Oregon


Having a safe place to keep your kids while you work is crucial but can often be difficult to find in a low-budget. There is baby-sitting, daycare, school, at-home nanny, and many more methods of childcare. Different prices are available for different things, but the government in Oregon helps out by providing a guide and almost “discount” so single moms can work without having to worry about the kids. Being a single woman is hard enough, but when you become a single mom, life only gets more difficult. Oregon doesn’t want you stressing about kids and their goal is to help.


Healthcare is crucial to a child’s growth and development, but many single moms struggle to afford quality care. It is often something that most single moms have to sacrifice, but luckily, they don’t have to worry anymore. Thanks to medicaid, getting quality healthcare is an easy option. Medicaid is a healthcare program offered all throughout the nation, but there are also a lot of local options as well. For example, Oregon HealthCare helps with healthcare coverage for everyone in Oregon; low-income, tribal-members, and they help make healthcare work for everyone.

Housing Assistance

Keeping up with rent, finding the perfect home, loans, mortgage all add up to be a confusing mess. In a state like Oregon, nature is a very important factor. There is agriculture living, city living, living in transitional homes, section 8, and a lot more that the government can provide. The state of Oregon provides a lot of assistance involving housing, but especially for single mothers. Getting the perfect home can be hard to fine, but once you do, you will be proud of yourself and the fact that you live in Oregon. You don’t have to worry about that roof over your heads anymore because the government covers that for you. That dream house of finally there with some help!

Family Support And Connections

Maintaining a family, especially alone, is a difficult task and often you might not know where to start. You might be confused about what you should do, or be so caught up in your kids, you forget about other things. Oregon provides a lot of help to support families by providing a lot of resources to make life a bit easier. These include offering financial help to buy things families and children might need, help in parenting skills, and much more. You are not alone, all you have to do is realize you will be taken care of and be strong.