Raising kids in today’s society is a challenge, both financially and emotionally, but when the benefit of another income and adult in the home is taken away, many single moms struggle. The state of South Carolina attempts to make it a little easier for these families through several state aid programs.

Financial Assistance


For some single moms, lack of funds to pay for childcare is the primary thing that keeps them from getting a better job. Through the South Carolina ABC Child Care Program, needy families who want quality childcare for their kids so they can work can participate in a voucher program. This allows them access to high-quality care for their kids, freeing them to pursue a good paying job.


The primary healthcare assistance option for single moms in South Carolina is the state’s Medicaid program, which is aimed at needy families. Children who are under the age of 19 but do not qualify for traditional Medicaid may be eligible to receive coverage under the Partners for Healthy Children (PHC).

Greenville: If you happen to live in Greenville, free healthcare is available here too, without using Medicaid. This organization is dedicated to finding healthcare and dental care that is free for low-income families that are in Greenville County.

Assistance by the Government

Charleston: The government in Charleston is dedicated to help out and offer many services and help to its community. This link is made by the local government there which gives information about local services, programs, and departments. Not everything will be able to work for everyone, but you can find things that will help.

Food and Supplies

The South Carolina Department of Social Services offers the Family Independence program to families with children who are struggling to meet the kids’ basic needs. These supportive services and the cash assistance offered allow many single moms to get back on their feet and start supporting their families on their own again. In addition to this, South Carolina offers SNAP and WIC to needy single moms. You can also try the TEFAP (Emergency Food Assistance Program), which helps single mothers 150% below the poverty level.


 If you live in a city that offers public transportation (//www.sciway.net/gov/.html) this is the best way to get to and from work if you do not have a car. Other options include looking for rides from coworkers in exchange for other services or gas money.

South Carolina Head Start

The primary objective of Head Start program is to prepare kids below the age of 5 for school. In addition to working on intricate areas of child development like language and literacy, the program also focuses on emotional, social and cognitive development. It also works to increase parental involvement. All these initiatives in unison helps in fostering family bonds. Head Start program specifically caters to low-income families.

For families earning below the Federal poverty line, there is Early Head Start program. Infants together with toddlers and even pregnant women can avail the benefits of this program.

South Carolina Partners for Healthy Children

It is basically a healthcare insurance plan which caters to children coming from low-income families. Adults are not included in the coverage. However, household income is certainly taken into consideration while evaluating the eligibility of the child. The household income should be at least 200 percent below the poverty level as defined by the Federal government. Once covered by the program, the child can avail services as dental care, vision care, emergency care, hospitalization and medical consultation.

South Carolina Housing Assistance

Rent Assistance

Single moms who cannot pay the mortgage or rent payment can turn to South Carolina’s HUD office to get help paying for rent. Subsidized apartments and Section 8 housing vouchers are both available to needy South Carolina families who need help finding a safe, warm place to live.

Energy Assistance for Single Mothers in South Carolina

South Carolina Weatherization Assistance Program

This program helps you to enhance the energy efficiency of your home and thereby reduce your energy expenses. South Carolina Weatherization Assistance Program plays an important role in improving the quality of life of kids, elderly and disabled. This program is managed by 10 Community Action Agencies (CAA) in the state.

Unemployment Assistance for Single Moms

South Carolina Unemployment Insurance

If you have lost your job and you aren’t at fault, you can seek financial assistance for a short period of time through South Carolina Unemployment Insurance program.

Other Programs in South Carolina

College Grants

Returning to school is possible for a single mom who is creative and utilizes night and online classes. However, the financial burden this would bring deters many from trying. The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education offers resources for potential college students to use to find grants and scholarships. In addition, single moms can often get federal aid by filling out the FAFSA.

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