Single moms in Vermont have many services and programs they can turn to when living on one income seems impossible. Learning to care for children on just one income takes time, and sometimes there is just not enough money to meet the basic needs of the family. These state aid programs strive to make live a little more manageable for families in difficult situations.

Financial Assistance for Single Mothers in Vermont

Childcare – Through the Department for Children and Families, Vermont single moms can find help paying for childcare. The childcare subsidy is available to needy families who need daycare for accepted reasons, like work or schooling. If this is not an option, talk to your daycare provider about potential scholarships or sliding scales based on income.

Healthcare – Healthcare is expensive, and the state of Vermont understands that some families simply cannot afford insurance premiums. As such, they offer a variety of resources, including programs like Medicaid for low-income families. Other unique programs offered in Vermont include an employer-sponsored insurance premium assistance plan, the affordable Catamount Health insurance plan, and Dr. Dynasaur, which offers low-cost or free health coverage for pregnant women and dependent children based on income and family size. Find out more about these programs at //

Government Assistance for Single Mothers in Vermont

Food and Supplies – To help its neediest residents get through difficult periods, Vermont offers different programs, which aims to give all people in Vermont three square meals a day. This program gives families an Electronic Benefits Transfer card they can use at their favorite grocery store to purchase healthy food for their kids. Other programs include Temporary Assistance to Needy Families and WIC. SNAP is also a program available that helps families in need purchase food.

Transportation – To get to and from work reliably, consider one of these transportation options: // If you cannot afford or access one of these public transportation options, look into sharing the cost of the drive with a coworker who has a reliable vehicle.

Housing Assistance for Single Mothers in Vermont

Rent Assistance – Through the Vermont State Housing Authority, many families, especially those with single moms, can get help paying their rent. The Section 8 Rental Assistance program subsidizes the rent for many families. The Project-Based Voucher program gives needy families further choice when looking for an affordable place to live.

Programs for Single Mothers in Vermont

College Grants – If going to college could significantly improve your family’s situation, consider the options offered for grants and financial aid. The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation offers information about how to apply for the various aid programs available to you. Also search various school scholarships for even more financial assistance.

Several institutions in Vermont also offer online courses. Such courses allow you to learn at your own pace. Moreover, you needn’t go to the college except for hands-on training. Online courses seem to be ideal for a single mother who has to maintain a perfect work-life balance for the sake of well-being of her kids.

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