How to Be Successful in Your Quest for Government Grants

As a single mom there are many opportunities for you to take advantage of your situation. I mean that in the very best of ways. You are in a position of being the sole provider for your children. You are probably struggling to make ends meet and wondering if there is any way to make things easier financially. The answer is that yes, there are many many ways that you can make your financial struggle less difficult. Did you know that stress and worrying over money can actually cause you to have health problems? I’m sure you already know about the short temper and the times when you are too busy working and worrying to enjoy your kids. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally find a financial balance that enables you to balance your mood, your stress level and your work vs. family time conundrum?

If you approach the application process correctly you will find that you are more likely to be successful in your quest for government grants. These grants are available for everything from education to childcare, small business and many other instances where a bit of cash would be very helpful to a single mom.

There are many types of grants but because they are all based on financial information it is imperative that before you even begin applying you have all your information in order.

Create a binder with a copy of your last three bank statements, income information, copies of your current bills and all of your personal identifying information.

When you come across a grant that you would like to apply for be sure to read the requirements and instructions carefully. There may be some that you do not qualify for and you don’t want to waste your time and effort on something that you will definitely not be approved for.

Follow all application information exactly. Some grants may want you to write an essay, others may want you to submit recommendations from others. If you don’t complete the application process by following the instructions then you will not be approved for the grant.

While it may be easy to go through and apply for grants willy-nilly it is important that you actually know what you are applying for and what will be required of you if you are approved. For example if you apply for an educational grant to cover tuition, when it is approved you will likely have to maintain a certain course load…can you do this with your work and parenting schedule or will you be obtaining the grant with no possibility of fulfilling your responsibilities?

Government grants are wonderful opportunities to help you achieve your goals, give you a bit of freedom in your choices and to allow you to make a living or further your education while freeing up time to spend with your children.

Once you have your binder together for grant applications you should also print out and keep the instructions and details for each grant you apply for. Many grants are only issued once a year so you may have quite a wait before you get a response. When you do hear back from the foundation make sure to look back over your information about that grant before accepting or replying to their contact.

Keep in mind that while grant foundations want to know a lot of information about the people they are helping you don’t necessarily want to give them your life story and history, the goal is to show what you will do to improve your life if you are approved for the grant. So sit down beforehand and plot out what you would do with x amount of dollars. How it would change your day to day life and how it would help you achieve your goals. This is your chance to figure out exactly what you want in your life and how making that happen will benefit you and your children.

Being the only one responsible for every aspect of raising a child is a frightening and often frustrating experience. Not every single mom gets child support or if she does it may not be enough. She has to take care of the child, be there when he is sick or having problems, try to be carefree enough to play and enjoy time with the child and also work, put food on the table and keep a roof over their head. It’s a lot of work and it takes a really dedicated woman to make it happen while also seeking to better the life of not only her child but herself.

Grants and assistance exist because there is a need for them. That is a sad state of affairs for the single moms and children of the world but grants can help make things better. Consider a single mom who has a GED and two children. What sort of job can she find that is going to allow her to have time with her children and still afford to pay rent, transportation, health insurance and groceries? Educational grants make it possible for that mom to go back to school without having to worry about the expense. Once she gets a degree or certification she can find a job that pays more and allows her to work less…because she has an education and is qualified for that kind of position.

Don’t let fears of financial problems keep you from improving your life and the life of your children. Start researching grants and assistance programs today so that you can get the leg up you need to climb your biggest hurdles and show your children that while they may only have one constant parent, that parent wants only the best for them and will meet any challenges to their health, happiness and success. Be an inspiration to your children to do better, and to want better for themselves as they grow up. Take advantage of one of the few benefits to being a single mom and apply for grants that will help improve your life.

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