It’s a sad fact of life: After a difficult divorce, a few slow child support payments, and trying to get back on your feet, a single mother can wind up with bad credit. It’s becoming more and more common in today’s economy, but there are ways to get loans for single mothers with bad credit.  Here… Read More

Financial assistance and loans for single moms are available from various resources including the government, private, non-profit, and public organizations. Many government loans for single mothers are especially designed to assist single moms with beneficial features such as very low interest rates, installment schemes with long repayment period and lots more. Among the varied types of loans… Read More

For single mothers, Pell Grants can be a great way for them to go back to school and get an education, with a majority of the cost paid. Pell Grants do not have to be repaid, unlike traditional loans. The only criteria it has is that the recipient must not have earned their bachelors degree and… Read More

Child Support Help For Single Moms can be an emotional topic. Taking care of their children is at the top priority at any parent’s list. But when it comes to single moms, their lives usually revolve around their kids. In such situations, not being able to take care of your children might be heart breaking and… Read More