In this competitive world, being a single mother is not easy and it’s not at all an easy task to be single mother with no job. To complete the daily necessities one does have to find a source of income and in most of the cases, working in a company or entrepreneurship would be ideal methods. Most of the single moms prefer to work in some reputed companies so that they can take care of their daily needs as an independent woman. For the single moms with kids it will be a bit more difficult as the daily need of kids would be more and it’s a never ending struggle. Hence having a job would ease the difficulties and to land a job one must have required qualification. The good news for single moms is that government has taken few measures to help with education, for those who need it.

How To Easily Apply For One:

Look For the Eligibility Criterias:

It’s wise to make sure that income level would be within the eligibility criteria. Single moms who are applying for government grants would have to be within the income value mentioned in the eligibility criteria. Being eligible would help to obtain the government grant to tailor the requirements.

Search for Grants


Online is very ideal resource to locate the information available about grants. One can also find some local government offices nearby that would have staffs recruited just to educate those who have not knowledge about these programs available.

Seek for any additional grants: there are plenty of websites maintained by government to help those women who are seeking for grants to pursue education. There are various financial programs to help such as first come to get first served that offer limited funds as grants, so you need to apply for ASAP.

For single mothers, being a student at a college would make it easier to obtain grants. It’s also one of the easiest means to attain grants according to experts. There are grants that help students with loans to help their expenses such as books, tuition fees, college fees, daycare, expense costs and various other related expenses at school. There are few grants that are specially dedicated for single mothers to help financially with their education.

It’s wise to be thorough regarding the requirements to apply for the grants. There are few grants that can be applied by single moms very easily while others require additional documents and more time to be processed. Hence learning well about the requirements of the grants and the eligibility to apply for will make it easier. Some of the grants are offered as per the details such as nationality, low income, ethnicity and few other details.

Most of the grants would require you to complete essay with explanation on why you need a grant.

For any trouble applying for the grant, it’s wise to visit the writing center of your school, or consult a friend, relative or the experts in this sector to proofread the essay furnished by you before submitting it.

Ask Local Offices For Help


At local offices it’s wise to inquire completely and apply. A single mom must ask some most important questions related to grants such as:

  • Procedure to obtain the grant
  • The deadlines by which one can apply for it
  • The documents and resources essential to apply for grants
  • The time duration for the grant to be awarded as time is most precious asset for single mothers

These steps would help you with getting the education you deserve and getting it at a reasonable price. Follow the steps precisely and get the best benefit from it.

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