The Best Ways to Get (With Less Effort) Money For A Single Mom in Debt

When you’re a single mom in debt, it can be hard to see any way out of the hole you’re in. The idea of free money might sound like a scam, but free money for a single mom is just what they need to get them back on their feet. Here are some options you might want to try:

Local Aid Groups.

There are many local aid groups in your area that are willing to help out a single mom. They might be based in a church nearby, or they simply might be a community service. Several civic organizations, such as the VFW or the Lions Club, often have programs in place for people just like you. They might be able to help with payments on your vehicle, gas, medical bills, or other things that require cash.

Scholarships for Schooling.

One of the most common ways to get free money for single moms in debt is to go back to school. When you qualify for grants, scholarships, and the like, you might wind up with more money than it actually costs to take those classes. Use that extra money to take care of the necessities, such as daycare, so you can go back to school.

Rent Assistance.

Check with your local Department of Human services about rent assistance. Many states offer this to anyone who is on welfare or food stamps. Section 8 Housing, HUD, and other programs might be willing to pay a portion of your rent if you qualify under their guidelines.

Utility Assistance.

Each utility company has a benevolence fund meant to help those who find themselves in a bind and simply cannot pay their bills in full. This might be good for only a one-time payment, so use it very wisely.

Hardship Forgiveness.

If you have a great deal of outstanding debt, especially in the form of student loans or other government funds, look into their hardship forgiveness guidelines. You might be able to have the entire debt written off, but you will take a hit on your credit report if you do that. You might also be able to work out a payment plan or even defer your payments until a later date.

Help with Food and Clothing.

Though it’s not cold hard cash, getting help with food and clothing will free up your funds to spend on other things. Visit your local food bank, talk to your thrift store about clothing drives, and buy everything you can on the cheap. Yard sales are good places to go for clothes, and Angel Food Ministries can help a great deal when it comes to food. The money you save will be money to put toward the other things you need, and that can make you breathe easier.

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