The Complete Guide to Survival as a Single Mom on a Budget

As a single mom, I am always on a budget. It keeps me on my toes and my finances in control, which is really important to me. I always look for ways to save money and be more efficient, whether it is with paying for gas, or buying a house. It’s a way of life that I have come to enjoy and find many benefits with. Here is a guide that I have put together for those of you who are like me and look for any possibility to save on daily things!

Single mom needs help with housing?

Housing gets more expensive every year and the resources that you may need to fund your housing are often well hidden by those who have the information. There are actually several programs to help you obtain affordable housing. Check it out.

Single mom needs help getting a car?

Without a working car, a single mother is not just limited when it comes to going to work or buying household supplies. She is also limited if there is an emergency or appointment that she has to get to for her children. The stress of such a situation can make single moms feel as if there is no hope, but there are ways to get to and from where you need to be while you work on getting a car and there are methods you can use to purchase a cheap car that will work for you.

Single mom needs help with money?

For many single moms, money is a daily struggle. Without the support of another adult in the home, they are forced to live on just one income, and that can make life challenging at times. Sometimes kids pick up on this and will ask difficult questions, like “are we poor?” or “why can Johnny have that and we can’t?” If money is an emotionally difficult topic for you, answering these questions about money can be challenging.

Single mom needs help paying bills?

The single mother has a completely different view when paying bills. For her it is a matter of being prepared for high heating bills, potential mechanical problems that only seem to happen when it is cold and you don’t have any money, wondering if you can afford gifts at all, and trying to line up a backup plan so that if your children get sick you may not have to miss a day of work and fall even further beyond on your winter bills. Use some of the tips below to help you manage your finances over the winter.

Single mom needs help fixing a car?

A single mom can do anything! Including, doing your own car maintenance. Doing your own maintenance can save money in the long run, and it gives you the added bonus of knowing your car even better – so when there is a problem, you will know it long before the engine gives out on you. But when you open the hood, what you see might be intimidating. Look at all the gadgets and wires and parts! Before you give up and take it downtown for that oil change.

Single mom needs help with daycare?

Single moms face many challenges, and one of the biggest is finding adequate and affordable daycare for their children. Daycare grants for single moms can help bridge that gap. Daycare grants for single mothers are offered in a variety of places, and it takes some patience — and perhaps a lot of paperwork! — to learn if you qualify. Keep reading.

Single mom needs help buying a house?

Are you interested in some buying for the first time? Single Mothers that are interested in home buying should make sure that they are doing all the proper researching to ensure for the best results when first time home buyers are home buying. Here are some tips for new homebuyers to read through and maybe find some luck so that they are able to make smart and informed decisions when home buying. More info here!


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