For many single mothers, earning a college degree might seem like a daunting task. Child care, real world responsibilities, expensive college fees can make it extremely tough to purse a higher education. These days the availability of online education provides an amazing opportunity for the single mothers to balance their studies, work and even family time. The vital benefit of these online degrees is causing single moms to save both their time as well as money. Below is a list of top 11 degrees for single mothers – Best colleges online offer;

1. Business administration

This is a popular choice of degree for single mothers, because it involves planning, organizing, leadership, all qualities moms utilize on a regular basis. Specific business majors such as management, finance, and accounting can lead to a diversity of work settings such as;

  • Market researcher

  • Entry-level manager

  • Financial analyst

  • Systems analyst

2. Education

Pursuing a degree in education could be the excellent way to enhance the skills which allow you to impact the personal, social and intellectual development of those persons around you. Acquiring this degree you can work as;

  • Tutor or Teacher

  • Librarian

  • Principal

3. Health science

Health science degree is an idyllic choice for single moms who relish caring for individuals and desire to educate them regarding their health care. This course will offer you with the introduction to the healthcare profession and impart training for particular areas in the field. The employment opportunities associated with this degree are as follows;

  • Medical assistant

  • Nursing

  • Nutritionist

  • Physician

4. Biological Sciences

This is one among the popular and interesting subjects to learn. There are various majors with this degree like human biology, ecology and lots more. With this degree, single moms can work as a;

  • Laboratory Assistant

  • Biology Teacher

  • Research Assistant

5. Social sciences

If you relish studying about art, history or humanities, then this degree could be the perfect choice for you. Single moms can explore diverse employment opportunities by acquiring this degree. With this degree, one can become;

  • Anthropologist

  • Sociologist

  • Archeologist

6. Psychology

Psychology involves the study of human behavior, emotions, perception, and cognition. Attaining this degree, single moms will be capable to aid other deal with their issues. With this degree, single moms can work as;

  • Psychologist

  • Career counselor

  • Psychiatrist

7. Communication

As a single parent, this degree could be highly beneficial. If you have good communication skills then, by getting degree in this field you can become;

  • Speech writer

  • Editor

  • Teacher

  • Journalist

8. Visual & performing arts

If you are passionate towards acting, dancing or painting then a degree in visual and performing arts could offer you the vital education to enhance your skills and give you the opportunity to get the job in the interested field. This degree could teach you the theory and technique of painting, dance, acting, musical performance and lots more. By attaining this degree you can become;

  • Singer, Actor

  • Fashion designer

  • Graphic artist

9. Real estate

A degree in real estate filed can aid you become real estate agent. Real estate industry is rapidly growing. Single moms can own their real estate agency to make profits.

10. Liberal arts and sciences

This is one among the top degree for single mothers. The employment opportunities associated with this degree includes;

  • Sales associate

  • Entry-level management

  • Anthropologists

11. Computer science

A degree in computer science could offer the best employment opportunities for single moms. The employment opportunities include;

  • Software development

  • Web designing and development

  • Software testing

Aforesaid are some of the top 11 degrees for single mothers – Best colleges online offer. Single moms can acquire degree in their interested filed and avail a job to support their family efficiently.

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